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Tactical Safety Responses Gains UK TASER Authorisation Despite Links to Struck-Off Pro-Tect

On the 7th of December 2010 the Home Affairs Select Committee questioned Home Office civil servants, primarily Graham Widdecombe of the Policing Directorate, about the award of an “authorisation” to handle TASER weapons to a company called Tactical Safety Responses Limited. In the UK TASERs are treated as prohibited weapons under Section 5(1)(b) of the [...]

Home Affairs Select Committee Session on TASERs

TASER Preferred Target Areas Shown In Blue (Source: TASER International Training Bulletin 15) A couple of days ago Cambridge MP Julian Huppert forwarded me a press release from the Home Affairs Select committee alerting me to a one-off evidence session on the use of tasers by UK police forces to be held on Tuesday the [...]

Julian Huppert and Evan Harris on Science in Parliament

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert On Friday the 19th of November I attended a public lecture organised by the Centre for Science and Policy titled: “The future of science in Parliament” The speakers were Cambridge MP Julian Huppert and ex. MP Evan Harris. Cambridge’s previous MP David Howarth is now an Associate Fellow at the Centre [...]

Government Says UK Must Give Prisoners Vote. MP Huppert Responds: Great!

On the morning of Tuesday the 2nd of November 2010 the Government announced, via the news media rather than through a statement in Parliament, that they are planning to give prisoners the right to vote. Cambridge’s MP Julian Huppert responded to the news with a tweet saying: It’s great to wake up to hear that [...]

Julian Huppert’s Recent Parliamentary Votes

Image: Houses of Parliament, London, Monet c.1904 Since I wrote my last article on Cambridge MP Julian Huppert’s Parliamentry voting record, which I published on the 9th of September 2010, there have been 44 more votes in the House of Commons. On the day I published that previous article Mr Huppert rebelled against the coalition [...]

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert’s Voting Record So Far

Image: Houses of Parliament, London, Monet c.1904 This week I have been looking at how Cambridge’s MP Julian Huppert has been voting since the city’s residents sent him to Parliament earlier this year. Interesting Votes I have written previously about the vote on the 8th of June 2010 where Julian Huppert abstained from voting on [...]

Julian Huppert on Homeopathy

The NHS in the UK spends huge amounts of public money on “homoeopathic” treatments. This is despite a report published earlier this year by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee which concluded: That the NHS should cease funding homeopathy. Having been selected to ask a topical question on Health in the House of [...]

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert Absent from Trident Vote

Tellers report the result of a vote on an ambiguous SNP amendment on Trident which was supported by just 27 MPs. On the 8th of June 2010 MPs were discussing the coalition’s programme for government in the House of Commons. An archaic tradition, which does nothing for making Parliament more accessible and easy to follow, [...]