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Jimmy’s Emergency Accommodation Centre Full and Turning Away Nine People Per Night

Riverside, Cambridge. Cambridge’s homelessness emergency accommodation centre, Jimmy’s, is full tonight and has been turning away an average of nine people a night over the last week. Being approached by people begging for cash is a reasonably common experience for me in Cambridge. Typically the context is someone in one of the city’s shopping streets [...]

Arrested Suspected Drug Dealers Held Until They’ve Defecated Three Times

Cambridge’s East Area Committee on the 25th of July 2013 was told that Cambridgeshire Police have adopted a policy of keeping arrested suspected drug dealers in custody until they have defecated three times so the police can recover any swallowed drugs. Two days earlier the city’s Community Safety Partnership had also been briefed on the [...]

Policing East Cambridge – August 2012

During Cambridge’s East Area Committee on Thursday the 2nd of August 2012 councillors held the police to account for their performance over the previous couple of months and set new priorities. I have written about three aspects of the policing section of the meeting separately: Tackling Problems Caused by Street Drinkers in East Cambridge Police [...]

Cambridge City Councillors Have Liberal Principles in a Twist Over CCTV

At 00:45 on Saturday night / Sunday morning on the 22nd of July 2012 a couple, both aged 23, were attacked by a group on Riverside in Cambridge while walking onto the new footbridge over the river. Riverside Bridge, Cambridge. RCCTV on Lamppost A police press release, issued on the 26th of July 2012, states: [...]

Painting the Riverside Railings

Cambridge City Council to Spend £25K Painting 100m of These Railings Councillors at Cambridge City Council’s East Area Committee are struggling to spend their Environmental Improvements budget. At at meeting of the committee on the 23rd of June councillors said they didn’t have enough ideas for how to spend their spare budget. One item councillors [...]

Conservative County Council Responsible for Snow and Ice Say City Lib Dems

Searle Street is one of many Cambridge streets where both the road and pavements have been coved by a sheet of ice for many weeks this winter.. Last night I attended the North Area Committee where the state of gritting in Cambridge was discussed. Key Points City Council Leader, Liberal Democrat, Ian Nimmo-Smith revealed the [...]