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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008. 11:30pm

Plans for a proposed closing of the junction of Abbey Road and Riverside to traffic, and the narrowing of Riverside and the construction of a pedestrian promenade were displayed in the window of the Renault Garage on Newmarket Road earlier this week.

I have looked on the Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council websites for details of this proposed scheme and a route to make my comments on it, despite the apparent absence of a consultation I would like to make the following points:

    1. The consultation could be improved by:

    2. Taking these proposals to the joint area committees.
    3. Putting a notice at the site asking for input.
    4. Putting the details of the proposals and a comment form on the web.
  1. There needs to be clear guidance on the road to show where cyclists should cycle, my preference would be for 1/2 the promenade width to be a marked cycle-way, and I think the cycle traffic is significant enough to warrant a cycleway marked with different lanes for different directions of travel.
  2. I think this could be an opportunity to spruce up the riverside railings – at least paint them, perhaps do more – could this scheme be co-ordinated with the new bridge and the penny ferry car park face lift – giving the whole stretch of the river some kind of consistent look. Connecting with the penny ferry carpark could ensure the effects of the regeneration of the riverside nearer the city centre extend into Chesterton.
  3. Any opportunity to increase flood protection for the properties on Riverside should be taken, and great care taken not to make the flood situation worse.
  4. I believe care should be taken to choose trees, and locate trees so they don’t interfere with drainage or cause structural damage to the riverbank, there needs to be a plan to maintain the green areas and the planting should be easily and cheaply maintainable. The current planting in the area under the Elizabeth Way Bridge is in a very poor state.
  5. I think the riverside theme, and the local history of the area which is the site of the Midsummer fair should be reflected in the scheme.

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