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Castle County Councillor Belinda Brooks-Gordon Standing For Parliament in Haverhill

A few days ago I noticed that Belinda Brooks-Gordon, the Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Castle Ward in Cambridge, had blocked me from following her on Twitter. This piqued my interest so I made sure I monitored her public twitter feed carefully. On Friday she posted a tweet saying she was in Haverhill and I [...]

Democracy Club – Bringing Openness and Accountability to Elections

A meet-up of those interested in reinvigorating democracy and making the next election the most open and transparent ever is being held on Thursday the 25th of February from 19.30 in B-Bar, Market Passage, Cambridge. The Cambridge event, which is for those living in the surrounding region as well as city residents, is one of [...]

Cambridge Lib Dems Fail to Shortlist Credible Candidate

Despite presiding over mass fellings of healthy trees and substantial folk festival losses Cambridge City Councillor Julie Smith appears to be the best the Liberal Democrats can come up with to stand for election as Cambridge’s MP. On Tuesday the 15th of December 2009 Cambridge Liberal Democrats announced the six person shortlist from which they [...]

Nick Hillman Selected as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge

On the morning of the 12th of December 2009 I attended the Cambridge Conservative “caucus” which selected Nick Hillman as the Prospective Conservative Party Candidate for Cambridge in the next general election. The meeting was open to any resident of Cambridge who had registered to attend. Six candidates had been short-listed for the position and [...]

Prospective Conservative Candidates for Cambridge Announced

Those running in Cambridge’s “open primary” to select a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate have been announced: Nick Hillman The leading candidate appears to me to be Nick Hillman. Mr Hillman is the only one of those standing to have a personal / political website though even he only started his blog a week or so ago. [...]

A Response to Cambridge in Political Turmoil

The Conservative stall at the Mill Road Winter Fair was unmanned. Neither the Liberal Democrats or Conservatives have a Candidate in Cambridge. The Cambridge Universities Labour Club Blog recently ran an article by George Owers entitled Cambridge in Political Turmoil which discussed the state of the prospective candidates for Cambridge in the forthcoming 2010 general [...]

Arbury Election Candidates 2008

Shapour Meftah, conservative candidate for Arbury at the City Council Elections posted a leaflet to my house today, and as he was still on the street by the time I’d read it I went out to ask him some questions. I started with asking why he wants to scrap the “expensive area committee meetings”, he [...]