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  • Basic Failure of Open Justice at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court

    On Monday the 12th of August 2019 I attended Cambridge Magistrates’ court to observe proceedings, with a view to reporting on them if anything newsworthy took place. I was not able to obtain information which I understand I was entitled to and which I felt I needed both to decide which cases to observe and […]

  • Seeking Open Transparent Courts and Confident Empowered Jurors

    The House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 2013-14 is currently in operation. I have made the following submission following the: Public Bill Committees – guidance on submitting written evidence. Submission from Richard Taylor, an individual writing in a personal capacity. I would like to make a submission in […]

  • Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner – Courts

    Inside Cambridge Magistrates’ Court (source) Public courts are a key and essential part of our justice system and simply having the doors open is not enough; it needs to be easy to find out when cases are to be heard, and easy for what happens in courts to be publicised in accordance with the law. […]

  • What Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Should Do

    A Holistic View Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Police and Crime Commissioner should provide strategic direction not just for the police, but for the work of the courts, prison and probation services, local councils and other bodies with an impact on policing, crime and justice matters in the area; including schools and health service providers. The creation […]

  • Cambridge Court Usher Defies Lord Chief Justice on Transparancy

    Inside Cambridge Magistrates’ Court (source) In December 2011 the Lord Chief Justice reportedly said “Twitter as much as you wish”, when issuing Practice guidence on live, text-based forms of communications (including Twitter) from court for the purposes of fair and accurate reporting. However in practice it does not appear to be possible to routinely report […]

  • Police Endorse Cambridge Labour’s Wet Room for Drunks Policy

    On the evening of the 12th of April 2012 I observed councillors on Cambridge’s East Area Committee set the areas’s policing priorities for the upcoming four months. Problems caused by street drinkers were by far the top issue raised by councillors. Sergeant Jamie Stenton for Cambridgeshire Police initially reported: “Street life people [his words] are […]

  • Inconsistency On Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Disposals Policy

    The New Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Page I observed the Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday the 13th of December. I used the public speaking slot at the start of the meeting to ask about the force’s restorative justice policies. Following my use of the public speaking slot at the previous scrutiny committee meeting […]

  • Star Radio Police Podcast: Restorative Justice, Police Patrols and Politeness

    Cambridgeshire Police’s Sector Inspector for the Ely area Robin Sissons – Again Featuring in a Star Radio Podcast. Star Radio’s regular podcast with Cambridgeshire Police’s Inspector Sissons, the sector inspector for Ely, is a great route for finding out about how the police are operating. One of the things that is particularly revealing is when […]

  • Cambridge Magistrates – 17 November 2011

    Inside Cambridge Magistrates’ Court (source) On Thursday the 17th of November 2011 I observed one of Cambridge’s magistrates courts in operation. I have written separate articles on two of the cases I observed: Consequences of Punching A Random Stranger on Fitzroy Street in Cambridge Charges Dropped After Student Fees Protestors Strike Deal With Prosecutors Other […]

  • On Julian Huppert on Drugs

    Cambridge MP Julian Huppert The Cambridge News is today reporting that Cambridge’s MP Julian Huppert has said: Drug users need help, not prison. My response to this is to agree that those addicted to drugs need to be given help; however I think we do need to punish, as well as help, those who commit […]