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Consequences of Punching A Random Stranger on Fitzroy Street in Cambridge

Fitzroy Street, Cambridge. On Thursday the 17th of November 2011 I observed Cambridge magistrates deal with a resident of the Riverside ECHG hostel on Willow Walk in central Cambridge. The defendant was before the magistrates for a number of matters. He had previously pleaded guilty to an offence of battery. The court was told he [...]

Charges Dropped After Student Fees Protestors Strike Deal With Prosecutors

Kings College Cambridge I observed Cambridge magistrates courts on the morning of Thursday the 17th of November 2011. I’d gone along as I was expecting to see Mr Jacob Wills and Mr Curtis-Watson appearing in front-of magistrates in relation to charges arising from events in Cambridge during and after a protest against tuition fee rises. [...]

Update on Cambridgeshire Police Use of Restorative Justice

On Monday the 12th of September 2011 I attended a meeting of Cambridgeshire Police Authority’s Scrutiny Committee at which I used the public speaking slot to raise some concerns about the police force’s implementation of restorative justice disposals. Restorative justice disposals as used by Cambridgeshire Police involve a PCSO or constable issuing an offender with [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Update

In advance of a Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee meeting to be held on the 12th of September a paper on restorative justice, providing an update on its implementation in Cambridgeshire has been published. Key Points Cambridgeshire Police are planing to reduce the number of those taken into its police stations by a quarter through [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Expansion in use of Restorative Justice

A Cambridgeshire Police Constable in Cambridge On the 25th of August 2011 during the policing section of the West Central Area committee I took the opportunity to draw councillors’ attention to the expansion in the range of offences which Cambridgeshire Police consider can now be dealt with, outside of court, through “restorative justice”. I also [...]

Watching Cambridge Magistrates Deal With A Car Vs Cycle Incident

Junction of Cherry Hinton Road and Wulfstan Way (Google Maps On the morning of the 25th of July 2011 I observed Cambridge magistrates deal with a Ms Waresha who had pleaded guilty to careless driving following a collision with a cyclist in Cambridge. The prosecution said that on the 25th of January Ms Waresha was [...]

Interview with Ely Sector Police Inspector Robin Sissons

Cambridgeshire Police’s Sector Inspector for the Ely area Robin Sissons – Interviewed for a Star Radio Podcast. Every two weeks Cambridgeshire Police’s Sector Inspector for the Ely area Robin Sissons does an interview with Star Radio which is published online as a podcast. Highlights are also broadcast on the radio. Last week I noticed @StarCambridge [...]

Speaking at Cambridge City Council on the City Wide Police Priorities

On Thursday the 7th of April Cambridge City Council’s full council debated and approved new city wide police priorities. All Liberal Democrats and most Labour councillors voted to drop burglary, robbery and cycle theft from the priorities and approved new priorities of: Alcohol-related violent crime in the city centre Repeat victims of domestic violence Repeat [...]