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Alexandra Gardens Trees Threatened Yet Again

How Alexandra Gardens Trees May Look After Proposed Works The trees in Alexandra Gardens in Arbury, Cambridge are yet again under threat from Cambridge City Council chainsaws. The council has published two documents as part of a consultation: Report on Alexandra Gardens Tree Root Damage Claims Tree Works Order The tree works order proposes a [...]

Cambridge South Area Committee Farce – February 2015

I observed Cambridge’s South Area Committee on the evening of Monday the 2nd of February 2015. The meeting was the most farce-ridden disheartening display of attempted democracy I’ve observed. Almost every element of the meeting was either a farce itself or highlighted a farce elsewhere in one of Cambridge’s local councils. Cllr Amanda Taylor claimed [...]

Segregated Cycleways for Hills Road

Improving the cycleways on Hills Road was included in Cambridgeshire County Council’s application to central government for a “Cycle City Ambition Grant”. The grant application was successful, and £4.1m has been announced to “shift cycling up a gear” in the Greater Cambridge area. It has already been revealed that consultation on the details of another [...]

Liberal Democrat Run Cambridge City Council Revving Up Chainsaws to Fell Trees on Fitzroy Street

Liberal Democrat Run Cambridge City Council Is Proposing to Fell Two of the Four Trees Outside Waitrose on Fitzroy Street Cambridge City Council are proposing to fell two of the four trees outside Waitrose on Fitzroy Street in Cambridge. City Council document describing the proposal and the reasoning for it. – PDF A consultation was [...]

Councillors Make Odd Choice of Path to Fix on Jesus Green

Councillors deemed this path the worst on Jesus Green and earmarked £30K for work on it. I observed Cambridge City Council’s West/Central Area Committee on Tuesday the 21st of June 2011. Councillors decided to provisionally allocate around £30,000 to what their officers described as the worst path on Jesus Green – the one from (not [...]