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Cambridge City Council Full Council – May 2011

Ian Nimmo-Smith as Mayor of Cambridge (Source) I observed the latter part of Cambridge City Council’s Full Council meeting on the 26th of May 2011. This was the “annual meeting”, the first of the civic year, and the first for the newly elected councillors. I arrived well after the ceremonial fancy dress session and after [...]

My Objection to Drastic Proposals for London Plane Trees on Alexandra Gardens

Liberal Democrats running Cambridge City Council are proposing removing the foliage from three of these trees following a claim from 13 Holland Street that they are causing damage. ” The Liberal Democrat run Cambridge City Council is proposing removing all the foliage from three century old London plane trees on Alexandra Gardens following a claim [...]

Secret Consultation Underway on New Alexandra Gardens Trees Proposal

The Council is Proposing to Cut Along The Dotted Line On Friday the 4th of February Cambridge City Council secretly began a consultation with councillors on their latest proposals to carry out work to the London Plane Trees on Alexandra Gardens along Carlyle Road. Councillors have been given until Friday the 11th of February to [...]

Jesus Green and Midsummer Common Tree Planting Consultation Farce

Top: Proposals for tree works on Midsummer Common currently being consulted on. Bottom: Proposals taken to the West Central Area Committee on 23 September and approved with exception of the lowest four trees. On Friday the 19th of November notices appeared on Jesus Green and Midsummer common announcing a consultation, under the city council’s tree [...]

Cambridge West Central Area Committee October 2010

On the 28th of October 2010 I attended Cambridge City Council’s West Central Area Committee. Key points: Councillors approved a number of new projects, including a portable sandpit for beach volleyball, to be investigated by council officers with a view to spending S.106 development taxes on them. I think spending these taxes, which are a [...]

Public Meeting on Alexandra Gardens Trees

Unofficial notices warn of the council’s proposed chainsaw massacre on Alexandra Gardens. No further official notices or consultation are planned despite not all information yet being available, and a final decision not being made till December or January. On Friday the 15th of October 2010 a public meeting was held by Cambridge City Council to [...]