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Live Streaming of Special Cambridge City Council Full Council on the Local Plan

On the 13th of February 2014 I streamed a meeting of Cambridge City Council’s full council live on YouTube. I believe this is the first time one of Cambridge City Council’s meetings has been “broadcast” live. As well as being available live, the videos are available to watch again: Part One Public questions and petitions: [...]

Objection to Proposal to Accommodate 172 Pupils at Mitcham’s Corner

Proposal: Mitcham’s Corner Cambridge I have submitted an objection to a planning application to demolish the buildings on Mitcham’s Corner in Cambridge currently housing Staples and Lloyds Bank, replacing them with a commercial space, that Staples and Lloyds are expected to move back into, along with 172 rooms for the largely 16-18 year old pupils [...]

Response to Cambridge Local Plan Consultation 2012

Cambridge Local Plan Issues and Options Document. I have responded to the current consultation on Cambridge’s Local Plan, the document against which future planning applications in the city will be assessed. Many of my representations relate to issues I have discussed previously on my website. In many cases I have simply tailored my previously expressed [...]

36 Barton Road Cambridge

Rejected Proposal For New House at 36 Barton Rd On Thursday the 21st of June 2012 I attended Cambridge’s West/Central area committee, where the first item on the agenda was deciding on a planning application to build a substantial new detached house at 36 Barton Road, on the corner by Barton Close, with access to [...]

Cllrs Ditch Planning Rulebook To Let Applicant Maximise Rental Profits to Pay for Care

1 Greystoke Road, Cambridge On Monday the 5th of March 2012 I observed City Councillors on Cambridge’s South Area committee consider a planning application to divide a property into two, enabling each part to be let separately. This was an interesting case because almost all councillors ditched normal planning practice and made a decision on [...]

Cambridge City Council Omitting Fire Hydrants from New Developments

The nearest hydrant to the 1920s built house I live in is just ~30m away. There are hydrants every ~100m or so throughout the area. On Saturday the 3rd of March 2012 I received an email from Cambridge City Council’s executive councillor for planning, Liberal Democrat Tim Ward, stating: …hydrants are a nice-to-have feature but [...]