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  • Seeking Open Transparent Courts and Confident Empowered Jurors

    The House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 2013-14 is currently in operation. I have made the following submission following the: Public Bill Committees – guidance on submitting written evidence. Submission from Richard Taylor, an individual writing in a personal capacity. I would like to make a submission in […]

  • Cambridge Court Usher Defies Lord Chief Justice on Transparancy

    Inside Cambridge Magistrates’ Court (source) In December 2011 the Lord Chief Justice reportedly said “Twitter as much as you wish”, when issuing Practice guidence on live, text-based forms of communications (including Twitter) from court for the purposes of fair and accurate reporting. However in practice it does not appear to be possible to routinely report […]

  • UK-USA Extradition

    The case of Richard O’Dwyer has yet again brought the state of the UK-USA extradition arrangements into the public eye. Mr O’Dwyer is facing extradition in relation to charges for criminal copyright infringement relating to his TVShack website. District Judge Quentin Purdy, who regularly makes decisions in extradition cases, ruled on the 13th of January […]

  • Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee December 2011

    Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee 13th of December I observed some of the Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday the 13th of December 2011. I have written a number of separate articles on key aspects: Restorative Justice Disposals – Confusion and inconsistency continues. Phone Answering Performance – The police are getting even worse at […]

  • Inconsistency On Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Disposals Policy

    The New Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Page I observed the Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday the 13th of December. I used the public speaking slot at the start of the meeting to ask about the force’s restorative justice policies. Following my use of the public speaking slot at the previous scrutiny committee meeting […]

  • Star Radio Police Podcast: Restorative Justice, Police Patrols and Politeness

    Cambridgeshire Police’s Sector Inspector for the Ely area Robin Sissons – Again Featuring in a Star Radio Podcast. Star Radio’s regular podcast with Cambridgeshire Police’s Inspector Sissons, the sector inspector for Ely, is a great route for finding out about how the police are operating. One of the things that is particularly revealing is when […]

  • Why I Support the Degrading is Degrading Campaign

    On the 4th of November 2011 Cambridge student newspaper Varsity reported the launch of a “Degrading is Degrading” campaign. Having read the article I responded immediately by Twitter to express my support. While I had no particular knowledge or experience of the process of “degrading”, the Cambridge terminology for being allowed to take a year […]

  • Shoplifting Decriminalised in North Cambridge

    Campkin Road Tesco, Cambridge At 17.45 on Wednesday the 23rd of November 2011 the north Cambridge neighbourhood policing sergeant, Jason Wragg, sent the following to some of the residents of the area who have signed up to the ECops email system: GOOD NEWS Your north police officers, PC Tom Gallagher and PC Darren Goodwin caught […]

  • Liberal Democrats Adopt Policy of Closing Women’s Prisons

    Liberal Democrats Adopt Policy of Closing Women’s Prisons The Liberal Democrats have adopted a policy of closing all women’s prisons. Earlier today I watched a fantastic speech by a Liberal Democrat speaking at their conference saying the proposals were inequitable, and suggesting dropping them, but she overwhelmingly lost a vote on the matter. The Liberal […]

  • Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Update

    In advance of a Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee meeting to be held on the 12th of September a paper on restorative justice, providing an update on its implementation in Cambridgeshire has been published. Key Points Cambridgeshire Police are planing to reduce the number of those taken into its police stations by a quarter through […]