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Julian Huppert’s Fantastic Liberal Democrat Conference Motion on Civil Liberties

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert At the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference being held on the weekend of 10-11 March 2012 Cambridge MP Julian Huppert is moving a motion titled “Civil Liberties” scheduled for debate at 10:45 am on the Sunday morning. The text of the motion is available, but only deep within the Conference Agenda (on [...]

Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM with Julian Huppert

Julian Huppert MP Drinking Tea/Coffee Before Speaking at the 2011 Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM I observed the Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM on Tuesday the 1st of November 2011. Cambridge MP Julian Huppert was the guest speaker. Key Points The 1082 member campaign has been re-organised at the top. Martin Lucas-Smith, who previously led the organisation [...]

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert’s Voting Record So Far

Image: Houses of Parliament, London, Monet c.1904 This week I have been looking at how Cambridge’s MP Julian Huppert has been voting since the city’s residents sent him to Parliament earlier this year. Interesting Votes I have written previously about the vote on the 8th of June 2010 where Julian Huppert abstained from voting on [...]

June 2010 North Area Committee

June 2010 North Area Committee. On Thursday the 10th of June 2010 I attended Cambridge City Council’s North Area Committee. The meeting started at 18.30 to consider planning applications but the main agenda was not scheduled to begin until 19.30. When I arrived at just before 19.30 councillors were still debating the first of three [...]

May 2010 General Election Cambridge

Over the weekend I went down to the river in Cambridge and made a video in which I talk about my views about the upcoming general election. I’ve listened to what the candidates from the main parties are saying and I’m not convinced that I should be voting for any of them. Very few people [...]

Richard Taylor – A Vision for Cambridge in 2020

My Vision of Cambridge in 2020 For anyone considering what Cambridge will look like in a decade’s time the city’s fringes, currently designated as development sites, have to be prime consideration. We’ve seen development in the North at Arbury Park building on other sites round the city is getting ever closer; though the fate of [...]

Labour Daniel Zeichner – A Vision for Cambridge in 2020

On Wednesday the 10th of February 2010 Cambridge’s Parliamentary Candidates from the Labour, Green, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties debated their “vision for Cambridge in 2020″ at an event hosted by the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership at B-Bar on Market Passage. Each candidate from the main parties outlined their vision for Cambridge [...]

Cambridge Dispersal Zone Renewed and Shrunk Without Discussion

Red – Area of Current Dispersal Zone from 3 Jan 2010 Blue – Area of Previous Dispersal Zone to 3 Jan 2010 Note: East Road itself was excluded from the previous zone. View Via Google Maps On the 18th of January 2010 I attended Cambridge City Council’s Strategy and Resources committee to ask about council [...]