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No A14 Toll

I’ve just sent the following letter to the Cambridge News for them to consider it for their letters page: I am appalled to see the Government consultation on proposals for the A14 specifically excludes the question of if the road is to be a toll road or not. The consultation document declares tolling is “essential” [...]

Bizarre view of Cambridge from UKIP Cllr Gordon Gillick

Councillor Gordon Gillick of the UK Independence Party, representing the ward of Waldersey just South West of Wisbech spoke at a meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council on the 16th of July 2013. Cllr Gillick, who, as councillor, is now one of those responsible for running the county of Cambridgeshire, expressed a rather bizarre view of [...]

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner – A14

The A14 Near Huntingdon The A14 is currently road on which far too many people are being killed and injured. Congestion and incidents result in travel times being inconsistent which has an impact on the region’s economy. A Police and Crime Commissioner should, along with the region’s other elected representatives, make it an urgent priority [...]

What Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Should Do

A Holistic View Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Police and Crime Commissioner should provide strategic direction not just for the police, but for the work of the courts, prison and probation services, local councils and other bodies with an impact on policing, crime and justice matters in the area; including schools and health service providers. The creation [...]

Partisan Bickering on the A14 Prompts Me to Comment

The A14 Near Huntingdon Yesterday the Conservative Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, Nick Clarke, launched an attack on Cambridge MP Julian Huppert in a blog post titled “Julian Huppert please, please do not foul up our plans for a bigger road” in which he claimed Huppert is: trying to influence department for transport ministers to [...]

Julian Huppert on Boris Island – Newsnight 18 Jan 2012

On 18th of January 2012 Cambridge MP Julian Huppert, who also acts as the Liberal Democrat transport spokesman, was interviewed on Newsnight by Jeremy Paxman on the subject of the proposed new airport in the Thames estuary. Paxman: “As long as you are part of the collation, will this happen?” Huppert: “No I don’t think [...]

Richard Taylor – A Vision for Cambridge in 2020

My Vision of Cambridge in 2020 For anyone considering what Cambridge will look like in a decade’s time the city’s fringes, currently designated as development sites, have to be prime consideration. We’ve seen development in the North at Arbury Park building on other sites round the city is getting ever closer; though the fate of [...]

Cambridgeshire Horizons: A14 – Marshall Move – House Building

I observed a Cambridgeshire Horizons Board Meeting which was held in South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Cambourne Offices (Pictured) On the morning of the 24th of September 2009 I attended a Cambridgeshire Horizons board meeting. Cambridgeshire Horizons describes what it does as project managing the delivery of the growth strategy for Cambridgeshire. It is an organisation [...]

Northstowe – Comments on Outline Planning Application

I made some comments on the Northstowe Outline Planning Application before the 30 March 2008 deadline. On the Transport Assessment: Section 5.6.7 : “Journey times are predicted to be approximately 20 minutes … The proposals include on-street running in Huntingdon and Cambridge with the on street sections having appropriate bus priority measures. ” I am [...]