Lights out on Jesus Green

Councillors have recently installed temporary lights on the Jesus Green Plane Tree Avenue as part of the works to replace the path under the trees. The temporary lights have been put in place prior to the permanent installation of “heritage” street lamp columns due at the start of December. Despite this significant effort, and presumably [...]

Woman Urinated on Cambridge Bowling Green As Public Toilets Are Locked in Evenings

On the 23rd of August 2013 Cambridge based artist and singer Robjn Barker tweeted to report: My mother said she had to piss on the bowling green because there isn’t a toilet open in Cambridge Cambridge City Council runs twenty public toilets in the city. None, not even the coin-operated ones, are open after 8pm [...]

Lighting Parkers Piece on West Central Area Committee Agenda

Ground Level Lights at Cambridge Leisure In the run up to the 2012 local elections Cambridge Liberal Democrats decided to stand up to those who usually exert greatest influence in Cambridge, the largely elderly home owners who populate the residents associations, and made an election commitment to improve lighting on Cambridge’s green spaces. Specifically the [...]

My Comments on Cambridge City Council’s Draft Open Space and Recreation Strategy

View of Jesus Green, Cambridge. Cambridge City Council has recently run a consultation on its Draft Open Space and Recreation Strategy. What is this Strategy Document For? If approved the strategy would become key part of the city council’s planning policy; which means it would become a document which councillors making planning decisions will have [...]