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IPCC Says Police and Crime Commissioners Should Review Police TASER Use

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is today recommending that Police and Crime Commissioners take a more active role in overseeing their force’s use of TASER weapons. One of the recommendations in the IPCC report titled “IPCC review of Taser complaints and incidents” states: The frequency and type of Taser use, and its justification on each [...]

Responding to Cambridgeshire Police Plan to Issue TASER to Non-Firearms Officers

On the morning of Wednesday the 1st of May I went on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with Paul Stainton to discuss Cambridgeshire Police’s roll out of TASER weapons to non-firearms officers including neighbourhood, traffic and response officers. Presenter Paul Stainton reported Cambridgeshire’s Chief Constable Simon Parr had been invited on the show but had declined saying [...]

Cambs Police Announcement on TASER Deployment to Neighbourhood Officers Imminent

UK Police Officer Carrying a TASER Chief Inspector Neil Sloan of Cambridgeshire Police told a meeting of Cambridge’s Community Safety Partnership held on the 30th of April 2013 that a police announcement of the date from which neighbourhood officers will begin to be routinely armed with TASER weapons was “imminent”. Chief Inspector Sloan told the [...]

Neighbourhood Police Officers in Cambridge to Routinely Carry TASER from January 2013

TASER armed officer in the UK Cambridge’s Community Safety Partnership on the 14th of December 2012 received a presentation on TASER use in Cambridge by Chief Inspector Neil Sloan of Cambridgeshire Police. To-date in Cambridge only specialist firearms officers have carried and used TASER weapons, no officers have routinely patrolled with the weapons, or carried [...]

Cambs Police and Crime Commissioner Bright Dodges TASER Questions

When Cambridge’s newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner Graham Bright was asked to comment on Cambridgeshire Police Force’s use of TASER weapons by the Cambridge-News he responded: Tasers are an operational matter and I cannot interfere in operational matters. My view is that TASER policies; such as if they ought be routinely carried by front-line [...]