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Cambridgeshire Police Drop Plans to Issue TASERs to Non-Firearms Officers

Earlier today, in response to a public question I asked at a full meeting of the Cambridgeshire Police Authority, it was revealed that Cambridgeshire Police are no longer planning to issue TASER weapons to non-firearms officers. I have been campaigning and lobbying against the previous government’s proposals to arm all frontline police officers with TASER [...]

Richard Taylor – A Vision for Cambridge in 2020

My Vision of Cambridge in 2020 For anyone considering what Cambridge will look like in a decade’s time the city’s fringes, currently designated as development sites, have to be prime consideration. We’ve seen development in the North at Arbury Park building on other sites round the city is getting ever closer; though the fate of [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Worst In Country for Accidental TASER Discharges

I have just been on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s breakfast show to respond to a story in the Mirror today headlined Police reveal stun gun blunders in which it has been revealed that Cambridgeshire Police are the worst in the country for accidently discharging their weapons. I pointed out that these incidents had occurred while the [...]

TASERs for Non-Firearms Police

UK Police shock a man in Nottingham with a TASER while he is lying on the ground surrounded by four officers. I believe scenes like this will become more common as more UK police are armed with TASER. In November 2008 the Home Secretary announced plans to arm all the UK’s response police with TASER [...]

Meeting Dorothy Gregson, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Police Authority

I met the Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Police Authority at the Police Headquarters. Outside, the force flag was flying and the Chief Officers’ luxury Landrover and Volvo were on display. On Monday the 8th of June 2009 I met the Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Police Authority Dr Dorothy Gregson. The authority’s Media & Communications Officer [...]

Cambridgeshire Police to Consider Amnesty International’s Views on TASERs

I attended Cambridgeshire Police Authority’s Professional Standards Committee on the 13th of May 2009 and watched them discuss the expanded TASER deployment to non-firearms police. The only elected individual present was Cllr Kevin Wilkins. While I don’t think there is the appetite for directly elected police authorities I think more existing elected representatives could be [...]

Discussing TASER on LBC Radio

At just past 18.00 on the 5th of May 2009 I was interviewed by James Whale on LBC‘s drivetime radio show. I had been asked on to the show to talk about the UK police’s use of TASER. TASERs were being discussed following an announcement earlier that day by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Authority Dodge my TASER Questions

On Wednesday the 29th of April 2009 I attended a meeting of the Cambridgeshire Police Authority. Members of the public are able to submit questions in advance. I asked about the increased deployment of TASER weapons. My Question – TASER Why has the expanded deployment of TASER to all response police officers announced by the [...]

Public Questions for the April 2009 Cambridgeshire Police Authority Meeting

There is to be a Full Cambridgeshire Police Authority meeting on the 29th April 2009 at 16:00 in the Police Headquarters, Huntingdon. Members of the public are able to ask questions or make statements at the beginning of these meetings. I have submitted the below, all of which I think are important things the Police [...]