Non-Firearms Officers Account for a Third of TASER Usage

don't taser me

I am very worried by the fact that now one in three TASER uses in the UK, and 27.4% of TASER discharges are by non-Firearms trained officers. I think that TASERs ought be restricted to firearms trained officers for use as a less lethal alternative to a gun. I, unlike the current Government, do not want to see every response police officer in the UK armed with a TASER. I think it will damage the relationship between the public and the police, and I think it will result in more cases where inappropriate amounts of force are used by the police against the public.

I obtained the above figures from the latest TASER usage statistics from the Home Office:

By subtracting figures from the above linked documents I have obtained the below table for quarter one 2009:

Discharges Drive-Stun All Uses
All Officers 226 36 772
Non-Firearms Officers 62 6 250
Percentage by Non-Firearms Officers 27.4 16.7 32.4

Discharges are where the weapon is fired and an electric shock applied from a distance. Drive-Stun is where the police hold the weapon against you and shock you, usages include merely drawing the weapon as a warning.

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