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Minister Phil Woolas Fails to Show Up for ID Card Expansion Event in Cambridge

Gathering outside Cambridge’s Post Office where minister Phil Woolas was supposed to launch an expansion of the ID Card and National Identity Register. At 8am this morning I joined about thirty others outside the main post office in Cambridge waiting to greet Labour Minister Phil Woolas who was scheduled to be arriving for an event [...]

Suggestions to Save Public Money – Cut Obsolete Newspaper Adverts

Cambridge City Council’s £2,000 for a short stretch of double yellow lines on St. Margaret’s Square makes a small contribution to the over £20,000,000 annual national cost of publishing highways notices in newspapers. Using the Freedom of Information website WhatDoTheyKnow.com I asked my local Highways Authority (Cambridgeshire County Council) and the Highways Agency how much [...]

Opposing the Database State – Clause 152 of the Coroners and Justice Bill

On Saturday the 28th of February NO2ID organised a “Convention on Modern Liberty” held in various locations “across the UK”. A satellite meeting , which I attended, was held in the Cambridge Union. This article focuses on just one of many important items which were discussed during the day. Clause 152 of the Coroners and [...]

DVLA Trial of Smart Card Provisional Driving Licences

A consultation on a DVLA Trial of Smart Card Provisional Driving Licences was run with with a closing date of 11/01/2008. I responded to the consultation, answering all their questions with the below: Question 1: Do you understand and agree with the trial approach? No. ” Drivers will still control access to the data on [...]