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  • Council Spooks Deployed Against Boaters

    Cambridge City Council has reportedly used tactics one might expect to see in an episode of Spooks, or used in serious criminal investigations, to probe the living arrangements of those living on boats moored in the city. Amy Tillson, who lives on a boat on the river, and who represents boaters at meetings with the […]

  • Council Ignoring New Trees Which Fail in Cambridge

    Remains of Recently Planted Tree. Milton Rd, Cambridge Cambridge City Council has planted lots of new trees in Cambridge in recent years. While the majority of the new trees are doing well, some have failed to thrive. A certain fraction of failure is to be expected and is not in itsself a problem; however I […]

  • Friends of Midsummer Common 2012 AGM

    Given its heavy use by cyclists and pedestrians this path across the common is a little narrow. On March the 14th 2012 I attended the Friends of Midsummer Common’s Annual General Meeting. I am not a member of the group, but the meeting was open to the public. It was advertised in the Cambridge News […]

  • Properties to be Prosecuted Over Parking and Driving on Midsummer Common

    Cllr Cantrill’s Windmill and Gate on Midsummer Common The ongoing saga of disputes over parking and vehicular access to Midsummer Common in Cambridge took a bizarre turn at the West Central Area Committee on the 5th of January 2012. Cllr Rodrick Cantrill announced the council’s intention to prosecute two buildings on the common: the Fort […]

  • My Comments on Cambridge City Council’s Draft Open Space and Recreation Strategy

    View of Jesus Green, Cambridge. Cambridge City Council has recently run a consultation on its Draft Open Space and Recreation Strategy. What is this Strategy Document For? If approved the strategy would become key part of the city council’s planning policy; which means it would become a document which councillors making planning decisions will have […]

  • Painting the Riverside Railings

    Cambridge City Council to Spend £25K Painting 100m of These Railings Councillors at Cambridge City Council’s East Area Committee are struggling to spend their Environmental Improvements budget. At at meeting of the committee on the 23rd of June councillors said they didn’t have enough ideas for how to spend their spare budget. One item councillors […]

  • Councillors Make Odd Choice of Path to Fix on Jesus Green

    Councillors deemed this path the worst on Jesus Green and earmarked £30K for work on it. I observed Cambridge City Council’s West/Central Area Committee on Tuesday the 21st of June 2011. Councillors decided to provisionally allocate around £30,000 to what their officers described as the worst path on Jesus Green – the one from (not […]

  • Strawberry Fair 2011 – Better But Still Marred by Drugs and Drunkenness

    Remote Control Horse at the 2011 Strawberry Fair Cambridge’s establishment, including the city council, the Executive Councillor for Arts and Recreation Rodrick Cantrill, and the police have all declared the 2011 Strawberry Fair an unequivocal success and this line appears to have been unquestioningly parroted by the city’s press. I agree that there were many […]

  • Cheeky Sods Drive BBQ Bus onto Midsummer Common

    “Cheeky Sods” in the Big Green Egg BBQ Bus on Midsummer Common Due to inconsiderate people damaging the grass BBQs and fires have become a contentious issue on Jesus Green and Midsummer Common in recent years. There have also been many problems with vehicles churning up the grass and damaging the edges of paths on […]

  • Friends of Midsummer Common 2011 AGM

    Friends of Midsummer Common AGM 2011. Mr Baxter (middle) in the chair. On Wednesday the 16th of March 2011 I attended the 4th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Midsummer Common. Key Points: The manager of the Fort St. George Public House attended and argued he, and his staff ought be allowed to continue […]