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Jesus Green and Midsummer Common Tree Planting Consultation Farce

Top: Proposals for tree works on Midsummer Common currently being consulted on. Bottom: Proposals taken to the West Central Area Committee on 23 September and approved with exception of the lowest four trees. On Friday the 19th of November notices appeared on Jesus Green and Midsummer common announcing a consultation, under the city council’s tree [...]

Cambridge West Central Area Committee October 2010

On the 28th of October 2010 I attended Cambridge City Council’s West Central Area Committee. Key points: Councillors approved a number of new projects, including a portable sandpit for beach volleyball, to be investigated by council officers with a view to spending S.106 development taxes on them. I think spending these taxes, which are a [...]

Months More Delay and Consultation for Jesus Green and Midsummer Common Tree Plans

On the 23rd of September 2010 I attended a special meeting of the West Central Area committee which discussed proposed tree works on Jesus Green and Midsummer Common. After three and a half hours of officer presentations and public input the councillors took just a few moments to approve the proposals which were put to [...]

Meeting on City’s Commons Risks £86.10 Charge from Council

Cambridge City Council Charged the Cambridge Cycling Campaign £86.10 for meeting up on the Midsummer Common Cycle Path. Image Source (licence) Cambridge City Council makes hire charges for those using the city’s commons and green spaces. It makes these charges even to other public sector organisations, as well as to charity events, non-profit events and [...]

New Trees for Jesus Green and Midsummer Common – Seminar and Workshop

Plane Tree Avenue, Jesus Green, Cambridge. On Thursday the 1st of July 2010 I attended a seminar and workshop on new tree planting for Jesus Green and Midsummer Common. The fact the meeting had been scheduled was only revealed in public following a question I asked at the West Central Area committee on the 24th [...]

Secrecy and Confusion as Cllr Cantrill Takes Responsibility for Midsummer Common and Jesus Green Tree Planting

Cambridge City Council has felled many trees from Midsummer Common; significant funds have been allocated for replacements. During the “open forum” of the 24th of June 2010 West Central Area committee where members of the public are able to question councillors I asked: Is there a date yet for the proposed meeting to discuss new [...]

Cllr Cantrill Asked for Update on Strawberry and Raspberry Fairs

A rather empty Midsummer Common – Calm before the storm? At Cambridge City Council’s annual meeting on the 27th of May 2010 Cllr Sarah Brown put the following oral question to the Executive Councillor for Arts and Recreation Cllr Cantrill: Could the Executive Councillor provide the council with an update on the event that may [...]