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Months More Delay and Consultation for Jesus Green and Midsummer Common Tree Plans

On the 23rd of September 2010 I attended a special meeting of the West Central Area committee which discussed proposed tree works on Jesus Green and Midsummer Common. After three and a half hours of officer presentations and public input the councillors took just a few moments to approve the proposals which were put to [...]

Uncertainty Over City Council Funding

On the 24th of September 2010 I observed, and filmed, a meeting of the Cambridge City Council Executive. Key Points Some councillors are very uncomfortable with having their meetings filmed. There is massive uncertainty about how much money the City Council will have in the future. Cambridge City Council wants to raise a hyperlocal tax [...]

The West Cambridge Sports Centre – A Key Issue for Student Voters in City Council Elections

Artist’s impression of how the west Cambridge sports centre could look. On the 25th of March 2010 Cambridge City Council’s Community Services Scrutiny Committee discussed “Open Space and Recreation Projects” which could be funded by contributions made by developers in lieu of providing sufficient facilities when building in the city. During this discussion Labour opposition [...]

May 2010 General Election Cambridge

Over the weekend I went down to the river in Cambridge and made a video in which I talk about my views about the upcoming general election. I’ve listened to what the candidates from the main parties are saying and I’m not convinced that I should be voting for any of them. Very few people [...]

Conservative County Council Responsible for Snow and Ice Say City Lib Dems

Searle Street is one of many Cambridge streets where both the road and pavements have been coved by a sheet of ice for many weeks this winter.. Last night I attended the North Area Committee where the state of gritting in Cambridge was discussed. Key Points City Council Leader, Liberal Democrat, Ian Nimmo-Smith revealed the [...]

Cambridge Lib Dems Fail to Shortlist Credible Candidate

Despite presiding over mass fellings of healthy trees and substantial folk festival losses Cambridge City Councillor Julie Smith appears to be the best the Liberal Democrats can come up with to stand for election as Cambridge’s MP. On Tuesday the 15th of December 2009 Cambridge Liberal Democrats announced the six person shortlist from which they [...]

MP Condemns Hyperlocal Websites as Purveyors of Tittle Tattle and Opinion

Adrian Sanders MP dismissed websites as ‘Tittle Tattle’ during a session of the House of Commons’ Culture Media and Sport Committee on Tuesday 8 December 2009. In a shocking exchange at the House of Commons’ Culture Media and Sport Committee on Tuesday the 8th of December 2009 Adrian Sanders MP (Liberal Democrat, Torbay) dismissed everything [...]

A Response to Cambridge in Political Turmoil

The Conservative stall at the Mill Road Winter Fair was unmanned. Neither the Liberal Democrats or Conservatives have a Candidate in Cambridge. The Cambridge Universities Labour Club Blog recently ran an article by George Owers entitled Cambridge in Political Turmoil which discussed the state of the prospective candidates for Cambridge in the forthcoming 2010 general [...]