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Home Affairs Select Committee Session on TASERs

TASER Preferred Target Areas Shown In Blue (Source: TASER International Training Bulletin 15) A couple of days ago Cambridge MP Julian Huppert forwarded me a press release from the Home Affairs Select committee alerting me to a one-off evidence session on the use of tasers by UK police forces to be held on Tuesday the [...]

Opposing the Database State – Clause 152 of the Coroners and Justice Bill

On Saturday the 28th of February NO2ID organised a “Convention on Modern Liberty” held in various locations “across the UK”. A satellite meeting , which I attended, was held in the Cambridge Union. This article focuses on just one of many important items which were discussed during the day. Clause 152 of the Coroners and [...]

City Centre Partnership Board – Love Cambridge

A new “City Centre Partnership Board” is being formed to help run the historic core of Cambridge City Centre; it is to be be launched on the 1st of April 2009 as an independent public/private sector partnership operating under the name of “Love Cambridge”. Currently only scant details of the make up of this new [...]

Damien Green and PACE Code B

David Howarth, I have been campaigning for some time for the strengthening of the authority carried by the PACE Codes, particularly following statements by Cambridgeshire Police in which they have made clear they consider the PACE codes are merely guidance and they believe they do not have to follow them. I have corresponded with you [...]

Opposing Secret Inquests with Government Appointed Coroners and no Juries.

David Howarth (Cambridge MP), I would like to urge you to remove clause 64 and 65 of the Counter-Terrorism Bill which proposes to introduce inquests in secret, without juries and enable the appointment of special Government appointed coroners. I believe coroners ought to be trusted fulfill their role with integrity and it is necessary for [...]

Virgin Media – Fibre Optic Broadband

David Howarth, (Cambridge MP) Virgin Media supplies me, and many of your constituents with Broadband internet. They wrote to me this week to say: “Virgin Broadband comes via fibre optic cable”. It clearly doesn’t as normal traditional metallic cables bring it into my house. Virgin media have been at this game of lying about the [...]