• Council Spooks Deployed Against Boaters

    Cambridge City Council has reportedly used tactics one might expect to see in an episode of Spooks, or used in serious criminal investigations, to probe the living arrangements of those living on boats moored in the city. Amy Tillson, who lives on a boat on the river, and who represents boaters at meetings with the […]

  • Cambridge City Council Covert CCTV Deployed In Someone’s Home

    A report on Cambridge City Council’s use of covert surveillance is to be taken to the council’s Strategy and Resources Committee on Monday the 15th of October at 17.00 in the Guildhall. The key message from the report is simply: [The council] has not authorised the use of RIPA powers in the period covered by […]

  • Cambridge City Councillors Have Liberal Principles in a Twist Over CCTV

    At 00:45 on Saturday night / Sunday morning on the 22nd of July 2012 a couple, both aged 23, were attacked by a group on Riverside in Cambridge while walking onto the new footbridge over the river. Riverside Bridge, Cambridge. RCCTV on Lamppost A police press release, issued on the 26th of July 2012, states: […]

  • Julian Huppert’s Fantastic Liberal Democrat Conference Motion on Civil Liberties

    Cambridge MP Julian Huppert At the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference being held on the weekend of 10-11 March 2012 Cambridge MP Julian Huppert is moving a motion titled “Civil Liberties” scheduled for debate at 10:45 am on the Sunday morning. The text of the motion is available, but only deep within the Conference Agenda (on […]

  • Explosion of Complexity and Bureaucracy As City Council Introduces CCTV Policy

    Some residents of Martingale Close in Arbury Were Surprised when Cambridge City Council Deployed CCTV Cameras Outside Their Windows. At Cambridge City Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee on Monday the 12th of October councillors will consider adopting their first “corporate and unified” CCTV policy. I have been actively encouraging Cambridge City Council to improve the […]

  • Opposing the Database State – Clause 152 of the Coroners and Justice Bill

    On Saturday the 28th of February NO2ID organised a “Convention on Modern Liberty” held in various locations “across the UK”. A satellite meeting , which I attended, was held in the Cambridge Union. This article focuses on just one of many important items which were discussed during the day. Clause 152 of the Coroners and […]

  • Review of RIPA Powers – Cambridge City Council

    Below are excerpts from an email which I sent to selected councillors in advance of them receiving the report of an internal review into Cambridge City Council’s use of its powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. Cllrs Nimmo-Smith, Ward and Herbert, Cambridge City Council’s internal review of the Council’s use of powers under […]

  • CCTV on Jesus Green

    Martin Beaumont (City Council’s CCTV Manager), CC: Independent Punter’s Campaign I have recently had my attention drawn to the cameras in the bowling pavilion on Jesus Green. I am aware there are signs on the building, but believe that the way the cameras are mounted in holes in the wooden wall of the building, behind […]

  • CCTV – Martingale Close

    Mr Beaumont (City Council CCTV Manager), Could you please let me know why there are two re-deployable Closed Circuit Television (RCCTV) cameras in Martingale Close. I note that a least one local resident did not immediately realise what the objects were which had appeared on the lampposts. This leads me to question: Did the signs […]

  • Cambridge CCTV Signage

    Martin Beaumont, This afternoon I spotted what looked like one of the City’s RCCTV cameras on a lamppost next to Parker’s Piece with the camera pointing at the entrance to Parkside Pools / the Kelsey Kerridge Sports centre and Car Park. There was no sign on the lamp post the camera was attached to and […]