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Wednesday, October 24th, 2007. 2:20pm

Martin Beaumont,

This afternoon I spotted what looked like one of the City’s RCCTV cameras on a lamppost next to Parker’s Piece with the camera pointing at the entrance to Parkside Pools / the Kelsey Kerridge Sports centre and Car Park. There was no sign on the lamp post the camera was attached to and I did not see any signage in the area.

The CCTV Code of Practice published on the City Council’s website states:

“Publicity will be given to the system by clear signing within the monitored area. This will ensure that both the maximum deterrent value is achieved and that the public are clearly aware when they are in a monitored area. “

I note you replied to me on this point with respect to other cameras last month (12/9/07) and said:

“you are right that some cameras do not have signs at the moment. These are now on order and we expect delivery very shortly and then all cameras WILL be signed.”

Is the problem [still] a lack of signs?

Richard Taylor Cambridge.

I received a reply:

Thank you for your E-mail. We fully intend to get these signs up asap. However there has been a delay in receiving the banding equipment to enable us to secure the signs to the lampposts. I hope to have this equipment within the next two weeks and then we will get the signs up.

I had picked just one example of the many unsigned city council CCTV cameras in the City Centre.
Update: 5 Months later – still no signs

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