Street Lighting and Belisha Beacons

Thursday, September 6th, 2007. 12:24am

Dear Malcolm Mugridge (Lead Engineer, Road Safety Engineering, Cambridgeshire)

I got your name and email from the letter you sent out to those who responded to the consultation on the Chesterton Road Crossing; which resulted in the installation of the fantastically bright LED orange halos around the belisha beacons – which I think are excellent.

I’m writing to you because I find it inconsistent that all that effort has been put into the crossing Chesterton Road Crossing, yet the next nearest one on the Mitcham’s Corner/Victoria Road Junction has both orange flashing lights out, and there’s been one orange light out on a Green End Road, Cambridge crossing, (outside no.145) for about three weeks.

I’ve left a message via the phone number given on the pole in Green End Road three weeks ago, and have today filled in the online form at Regarding the Mitcham’s corner crossing.

I’ve previously had no-success reporting, by phone, trees preventing street lights being effective around where I live, I’ve followed this up by questioning Cambridge City council’s policy on trees and street lights in my local area committee, again without success.

I realise you’re not the best person to write to about this, but I expect you might, on this occasion, be in a position to have an opportunity to raise this problem with those who can address it.

Many thanks,

Richard Taylor.

Mr Mugridge replied saying:

I am copying this e-mail to the County Street Lighting Engineer (Chris Sproston) knowing that he will take the matter up.

Clearly there’s a problem when you’ve got resort to writing to County Engineers to get action. However the repairs were made promptly and I have since had a better response to reports made via the online form.

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