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Chesterton Road Zebra Crossing – Lighting Maintenance Problems

The zebra crossing on Chesterton Road between Carlyle Road and the Jesus Lock footbridge has been an accident blackspot, however following the installation of fantastic quality floodlighting and orange LED halos around the belisha beacons (Zebrite Belisha Beacons ) the number of incidents appears to have been falling. From what I can glean from the [...]

Street Lighting and Belisha Beacons

Dear Malcolm Mugridge (Lead Engineer, Road Safety Engineering, Cambridgeshire) I got your name and email from the letter you sent out to those who responded to the consultation on the Chesterton Road Crossing; which resulted in the installation of the fantastically bright LED orange halos around the belisha beacons – which I think are excellent. [...]

Chesterton Road Crossing

Malcolm Mugridge, (Lead Engineer, Road Safety Engineering, Cambridgeshire County Council) First I’d like to express my concern that the new A428 was closed due to flooding last week and hope that there will be an appropriate response. However primarily I’m writing to comment on the “New plans for Chesterton Road, Cambridge” published at: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/transport/safety/accidents/safety+scheme+for+chesterton+road+cambridge.htm (Since [...]