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Lighting Parkers Piece on West Central Area Committee Agenda

Ground Level Lights at Cambridge Leisure In the run up to the 2012 local elections Cambridge Liberal Democrats decided to stand up to those who usually exert greatest influence in Cambridge, the largely elderly home owners who populate the residents associations, and made an election commitment to improve lighting on Cambridge’s green spaces. Specifically the [...]

Cambridge City Council Full Council – May 2011

Ian Nimmo-Smith as Mayor of Cambridge (Source) I observed the latter part of Cambridge City Council’s Full Council meeting on the 26th of May 2011. This was the “annual meeting”, the first of the civic year, and the first for the newly elected councillors. I arrived well after the ceremonial fancy dress session and after [...]

Single Streetlight Foils Four Wannabe MPs

All elected representatives in West/Central Cambridge want a street-light under this archway, yet the county council refuse to fund the electricity. Four of of the six Liberal Democrats who are seeking to be the Lib Dem candidate for Cambridge in the forthcoming general election took part, as councillors, in the West / Central Area committee [...]

Chesterton Road Zebra Crossing – Lighting Maintenance Problems

The zebra crossing on Chesterton Road between Carlyle Road and the Jesus Lock footbridge has been an accident blackspot, however following the installation of fantastic quality floodlighting and orange LED halos around the belisha beacons (Zebrite Belisha Beacons ) the number of incidents appears to have been falling. From what I can glean from the [...]

New Street Lights for Cambridgeshire to Dim in the Early Hours

At North Cambridge’s Area Committee on Thursday the 23rd of January 2009 a member of the public asked about street lighting. Rupert Moss-Eccardt the County Councillor for Arbury replied. He told the meting that there is a program in Cambridgeshire to introduce brighter lights which use less electricity than the current street lights. He said [...]

Street Lighting and Belisha Beacons

Dear Malcolm Mugridge (Lead Engineer, Road Safety Engineering, Cambridgeshire) I got your name and email from the letter you sent out to those who responded to the consultation on the Chesterton Road Crossing; which resulted in the installation of the fantastically bright LED orange halos around the belisha beacons – which I think are excellent. [...]