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  1. Ken Hinds

    I am the chairman of a Stop and search Monitoring group. I found your article tremendously helpful.
    I would like confirmed whether or not a person who encounters one ot these stop and account can walk away from the police, as it has no legal standing?

  2. Richard Taylor Article author

    A couple of years after this experience I was again asked to given my name and address by a police officer, again in circumstances where I didn’t have to provide it. I declined asking if there was any basis for them to require me to provide it and their response was “that’s suspicious” and they said they might carry out investigations to find it out.

    I suspect there’s a note of this somewhere on my website, but I can’t find it. The context was police conducting door-to-door enquiries in relation to a crime. I’d said I didn’t know anything about what they were investigating and they requested my name and address “so we know we’ve spoken to you”.

    This kind of reaction to declining to give a name and address is not unique:


  3. Richard Taylor Article author

    In the House of Commons on the 2nd of July 2013 Cambridge MP Julian Huppert asked the Home Secretary:

    Would she agree with me that when the police do ask people for information such as name and address they should make it clear whether or not the request is a requirement or it’s purely voluntary?

    Home Secretary Theresa May’s reply to this was:

    On the matters of what information needs to be recorded and what information will need to be available under any changes which are made to the guidance and so-forth I can assure my honorable friend that we will make absolutely clear where information is required and where it is voluntary.

    I think this is an excellent step which will go a long way to improving the interaction between the police and members of the public who they stop.

  4. Richard Taylor Article author

    An update to the PACE codes now before Parliament states, in relation to Stop and Search:

    4.3A For the purposes of completing the search record, there is no requirement to record the name, address and date of birth of the person searched or the person in charge of a vehicle which is searched. The person is under no obligation to provide this information and they should not be asked to provide it for the purpose of completing the record.

    [There is no longer a national requirement to record an encounter]

    I think this is excellent. More information is available at:

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