Lights, Make-up and Extra Pay Required if Councillors to Be Filmed

Thursday, March 27th, 2014. 2:18am

Cllr Gordon Gillick (UKIP, Waldersey) told Cambridgeshire County Council on the 25th of March 2014, which was debating filming council meetings, that as a member of Equity he would need to be paid if he was to be filmed as well as claiming councillors would need lights, make-up, multiple cameras and professional camera operators.

Cllr Gillick went on to vote against live streaming council meetings on the internet, and against publishing councillors’ voting records online.

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4 comments/updates on “Lights, Make-up and Extra Pay Required if Councillors to Be Filmed

  1. Chris

    So brilliant to watch this chap claim you’d need four cameras, and lighting (“for certain”) in front of, er, one camera, without lights. And to watch it so perfectly clearly.

    Still, at least these people aren’t making important decisions which concern us all.


  2. Stephen Lee

    As a new but active UKIP member all I would say is that the sooner UKIP get decent personality profiling in the better. So embarrassing.

    Does this guy not believe in open and transparent processes ?

    Apparently he considers children in care as “takers from society”. I would suggest he looks at his own record having produced 10 children thus irresponsibly over-populating the country. The Victorians had excuses – high child mortality, no pensions, and no contraceptives. I wonder whathis excuse was.

  3. Stuart Crow

    Presumably it didn’t take 4 cameramen, a lighting or make-up crew to film Cllr Gillick in this instance? The point of the change in law is that members of the public may film however they like, as long as it doesn’t disrupt proceedings – he seems to miss that point completely. We’ve had a situation only slightly less ridiculous in Portsmouth, where it was attempted twice to stop members of the public tweeting commentary during full council meetings – happily, drawing the City Solicitor’s attention to the changes in DCLG guidance and the law has sorted this nonsense out.

  4. Richard Taylor Article author

    Cllr Gillick (UKIP, Waldersey) approached me in the public seating just before the Cambridgeshire County Council highways committee on the 14th of March 2017; he told me he would bill me for filming him and that filming him takes his soul away:

    Cllr Gillick: Who are you snooping for?
    Richard Taylor: I’m just here for myself, just keeping a record of what’s going on, putting it on YouTube, publicising it.
    Cllr Gillick: I’m like a Maasai tribesman. They charge for having pictures done. How much [am I going to charge] for taking my picture? How much will you pay?
    Richard Taylor: Are you going to submit a bill to me if I film you at this meeting are you Cllr Gillick?
    Cllr Gillick: Yes.
    Cllr Gillick: It really takes your soul away.

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