List of Cambridgeshire County Councillors Voting Against Publishing Their Voting Record

Thursday, March 27th, 2014. 2:11am

On the 25th of March 2014 Cambridgeshire County Councillors voted on if details of how they have voted at meetings ought be published. I obtained the voting record by filming the screens at the meeting which display the votes cast to those present and am publishing below a list of those councillors who voted against having their voting record made public, along with those who voted in favour of publication and those who abstained:

Councillors Who Voted Against Publishing Councillors’ Votes

Cllr Anna Bailey – Ely South and West, Conservative
Cllr Ian Bates – The Hemingfords and Fenstanton, Conservative
Cllr Ralph Butcher – Whittlesey South, Conservative
Cllr Barry Chapman – Little Paxton and St Neots North, Conservative
Cllr Paul Clapp – Wisbech North, UKIP
Cllr John Clark – March West, Conservative
Cllr Martin Curtis – Whittlesey North, Conservative
Cllr Gordon Gillick – Waldersey , UKIP
Cllr Roger Henson – Norman Cross, UKIP
Cllr John Hipkin – Castle, Independent
Cllr Gail Kenney – Sawston, Conservative
Cllr Mike Mason – Cottenham, Histon and Impington, Independent
Cllr John Reynolds – Bar Hill, Conservative
Cllr Mandy Smith – Papworth and Swavesey, Conservative

Councillors Who Voted To Publish Councillors’ Votes

Cllr Peter Ashcroft – Huntingdon, UKIP
Cllr Barbara Ashwood – Trumpington, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Kilian Bourke – Romsey, Liberal Democrat
Cllr David Brown – Burwell, Conservative
Cllr Sir Peter Brown – Huntingdon, Conservative
Cllr Paul Bullen – St Ives, UKIP
Cllr Simon Bywater – Sawtry and Ellington, UKIP
Cllr Edward Cearns – Market, Liberal Democrat
Cllr David Connor – Forty Foot , Conservative
Cllr Steve Count – March North, Conservative
Cllr Sandra Crawford – Cherry Hinton, Labour
Cllr Steve Criswell – Somersham and Earith, Conservative
Cllr Adrian Dent – Bassingbourn, Conservative
Cllr Peter Downes – Brampton and Kimbolton, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Stephen Frost – Hardwick, Conservative
Cllr Derek Giles – St Neots Eaton Socon and Eynesbury, Independent
Cllr David Harty – Little Paxton and St Neots North, Conservative
Cllr Roger Hickford – Linton, Conservative
Cllr William Hunt – Haddenham, Conservative
Cllr David Jenkins – Cottenham, Histon and Impington, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Noel Kavanagh – Coleridge, Labour
Cllr Sebastian Kindersley – Gamlingay, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Peter Lagoda – Wisbech South, UKIP
Cllr Alan Lay – Roman Bank and Peckover, UKIP
Cllr Maurice Leeke – Waterbeach, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Mervyn Loynes – Bourn, Conservative
Cllr Ian Manning – East Chesterton, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Ray Manning – Willingham, Conservative
Cllr Mac McGuire – Norman Cross, Conservative
Cllr Lucy Nethsingha – Newnham, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Fiona Onasanya – King’s Hedges, Labour
Cllr Tony Orgee – Sawston, Conservative
Cllr James Palmer – Soham and Fordham Villages, Conservative
Cllr Philip Read – Sutton, Conservative
Cllr Peter Reeve – Ramsey, UKIP
Cllr Kevin Reynolds – St Ives, Conservative
Cllr Michael Rouse – Ely North and East, Conservative
Cllr Sandra Rylance – Chatteris, UKIP
Cllr Paul Sales – Arbury, Labour
Cllr Joshua Schumann – Soham and Fordham Villages , Conservative
Cllr Jocelynne Scutt – West Chesterton, Labour
Cllr Michael Shellens – Godmanchester and Huntingdon East, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Mathew Shuter – Woodditton, Conservative
Cllr Amanda Taylor – Queen Edith’s, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Michael Tew – Warboys and Upwood, UKIP
Cllr Peter Topping – Duxford, Conservative
Cllr Susan van de Ven – Melbourn, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Ashley Walsh – Petersfield, Labour
Cllr Joan Whitehead – Abbey, Labour
Cllr John Williams – Fulbourn, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Graham Wilson – Godmanchester and Huntingdon East, Liberal Democrat
Cllr Julie Wisson – Buckden, Gransden and The Offords , Conservative
Cllr Fred Yeulett – March East, Conservative

Councillors Who Abstained on if Councillors’ Votes ought be Published

Cllr Daniel Divine – Littleport, UKIP
Cllr Steven Van de Kerkhove – St Neots Eaton Socon and Eynesbury, Independent


The result of the vote was 46 councillors in favour of publication, 14 against, and two abstentions so in future all councillors’ individual votes will be published by the council.

Full motion

I have published the full motion on which councillors were voting in a separate article. The motion was amended during debate by the mover, Cllr Manning, so it did’t ask the Constitution and Ethics Committee to amend the constitution as only full council has the power to make such a change.

The motion covered live streaming as well as publishing votes; any councillor could have amended the motion, or proposed taking it in parts.

3 comments/updates on “List of Cambridgeshire County Councillors Voting Against Publishing Their Voting Record

  1. Chris

    I’m still racking my brains to think of a reason why councillors would want to hide how they’d voted …or at least a reason which doesn’t make me very suspicious of them.

  2. Paul Lythgoe

    Councillor Gillick got elected witout even bothering to tell his electors what he stood for, on the that basis I guess he reasoned why tell them what he votes for. And to be fair to him if you elect someone without knowing what they stand for, you are not going to care what they vote for.

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