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Wild Fluctuations in Tax Incentives for Companies to Invest – A Mistake Akin to Abolishing the 10 Percent Income Tax Rate

While the Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition have cut the headline rate of corporation tax in the UK since coming to power in 2010 their inconsistent approach to providing companies tax incentives to re-invest have resulted in wild fluctuations in companies’ tax bills during their time in power. Initially slashing incentives to re-invest resulted in [...]

CBbid – Cambridge Businesses Face Tax Hike

CBbid Logo. In February 2010 I wrote about Cambridge’s City Centre management organisation, Love Cambridge, considering raising taxes. On Friday the 15th of July 2011 Love Cambridge took some more steps towards levying a tax by sending out a survey to business rate payers in the city, asking what they’d like to see money raised [...]

Tax and Compliance Hurdles for Small Companies

After Days Battling With a Companies House Online Form I Resorted to the Royal Mail Encouraging people to start and run companies is essential for the UK’s economy. There is huge potential for making small companies’ interactions with Government simpler and cheaper and to remove some of the hurdles those running smaller companies currently face. [...]