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Police Authority Finance and Resources Ctte – September 2012

On the 5th of September 2012 I observed a meeting of Cambridgeshire Police Authority’s Finance and Resources Committee. Cllr Johnstone Calls for Illiterate People to be Recruited as Police Constables Recently convicted Cllr Shona Johnstone who was chairing the meeting, and is seeking to become the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime commissioner, called for [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Phone Answering Failures Continue

Cambridgeshire Police’s continued, now long-standing, failure to answer their phones in a reasonable time was one of the top items raised at Ely’s “Neighbourhood Panel meeting” on the 18th of July 2012. I attended and observed the meeting. A number of members of the public present raised problems they, and others, had experienced when calling [...]

Police Authority Treasurer Hummersone Sill Paid Off-Payroll

Cambridgeshire Police Authority’s Deputy Chief Executive and Treasurer, John Hummersone I used the public question slot at Cambridgeshire Police Authority on the 28th of June 2012 to ask the following: Is the authority’s Deputy Chief Executive and Treasurer, John Hummersone, still paid “fees” via “Hummersone Consulting (Sole Trader)”? What are the reasons for this arrangement? [...]

G4S Running Cambridgeshire Police Back Office Discussed by Police Authority

On the 28th of June 2012 I observed a Cambridgeshire Police Authority meeting. Usually when I observe Police Authority meetings there’s only me, and on rare occasion at most one or two others, present. At this meeting there were over fifty people in the public seating, many were wearing unison “stop police cuts” t-shirts, others [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Authority Police and Crime Commissioner Briefing Event

On the 18th of July 2012 Cambridgeshire Police Authority are to run a briefing session “about the current priorities of the Police Authority and how these are likely to affect the future working of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner”. The event is to be public, and open to all, but aimed at [...]

120 Non-Firearms Officers to be TASER Trained in Cambridgeshire

TASER armed officer in the UK Further details of Cambridgeshire Police’s plans to expand TASER deployment have been published. The Chief Constable intends to train one hundred and twenty non-firearms officers to use the weapons. That’s just over one in ten of the force’s 1011 constables. A paper from Cambridgeshire Police’s Chief Constable to Cambridgeshire [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Authority December 2011

I observed Cambridgeshire Police Authority’s full meeting on the 20th of December 2011. Riots The Deputy Chief Constable noted the two reports which have been published this week on the causes of the riots: The rules of engagement: A review of the August 2011 disorders – HMIC. Report-Policing Large Scale Disorder: lessons from the disturbances [...]

Cambs Chief Constable Would Overrule Police Authority on TASER Deployment

Police Officer Carrying a TASER A full meeting of Cambridgeshire Police Authority held on the 20th of December 2011 began debating proposals from Chief Constable Simon Parr to expand the force’s TASER use. I attended the meeting and used the public speaking slot. My statement: I hope when the force’s proposed changes to TASER policy [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Propose More TASER Trained Officers

TASER armed officer on duty outside a pasty shop in Padstow, Cornwall. TASER use by Cambridgeshire police is currently restricted to their Tactical Firearms Unit. I support this as I am concerned that having officers routinely armed with TASER will damage the relationship between the police and the public and will lead to an escalation [...]