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Huppert Gagged by Party on Tuition Fees?

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert Earlier this evening I listened to Cambridge MP Julian Huppert speaking on the subject of : “The future of science in Parliament” at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. During his speech Mr Huppert stated that he had agreed with his chief whip not to talk about tuition fees in public. I tweeted [...]

Tuition Fees – General Election Spring 2010 – Cambridge

Tuition fees were thought to be a key factor during the last general election in Cambridge. The next parliament may well take key decisions on the subject so I think it is an area where it is important the candidate’s views are clear. I am publishing videos outlining my own views, as well as the [...]

Richard Taylor – A Vision for Cambridge in 2020

My Vision of Cambridge in 2020 For anyone considering what Cambridge will look like in a decade’s time the city’s fringes, currently designated as development sites, have to be prime consideration. We’ve seen development in the North at Arbury Park building on other sites round the city is getting ever closer; though the fate of [...]