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Tackling Problems Caused by Street Drinkers in East Cambridge

I observed Cambridge’s East Area Committee on Thursday the 2nd of August 2012. One of the key things raised, as usual for East Area Committee meetings, was crime, and other problems related to street drinkers in the area. The committee heard from two members of the public one of whom was Joanna Dean of Norfolk [...]

LibDems to Consider Regime To Limit Freedom of Movement in Cambridge

View Larger Map Later today Cambridge’s West Central Area Committee will consider a proposal from Cambridgeshire Police to introduce a “dispersal zone” under S30 of New Labour’s Antisocial Behaviour Act into part of the city centre. If approved PCSOs would be able to order two or more people to separate, and/or leave the area, if [...]

Friends of Midsummer Common 2010 AGM

Midsummer Common – Cambridge On the 17th of March 2010 I and about thirty others attended an annual general meeting of the Friends of Midsummer Common. This was a meeting, open to all, which had been advertised on the common. Interesting Points Council officer Alistair Wilson reported that the Horse Chestnuts on Victoria avenue have [...]

New Dispersal Zone for Sidney Street and the Market Square Discussed

The door into the West/Central area committee. Council rules prevented me from taking a more interesting photo showing councillors and the police inside the meeting. On the 4th of February I observed the West Central area committee where councillors were considering, at an early stage, the possibility of a new dispersal zone in the city [...]

Cambridge Dispersal Zone Renewed and Shrunk Without Discussion

Red – Area of Current Dispersal Zone from 3 Jan 2010 Blue – Area of Previous Dispersal Zone to 3 Jan 2010 Note: East Road itself was excluded from the previous zone. View Via Google Maps On the 18th of January 2010 I attended Cambridge City Council’s Strategy and Resources committee to ask about council [...]

Dispersal Orders and Ecops Operation in Cambridge

To: Kevin Wilkins (County Councillor and Police Authority member with a specialisation in Cambridge City) and Olive Main, Independent Member of the Police Authority. At the Cambridge City Council’s East Area Committee on the 28th of February Sgt. Cross of the Police reported problems with the operation of dispersal zone which includes Mill Road in [...]

Council Scrutiny of Dispersal Zones

Dear Councillor Ward, In response to the Police priorities section of Wednesday’s North Area Committee Meeting, I asked the councillors if they were happy with the process for introducing dispersal zones in the City. I noted that the council leader appeared to be authorising these police powers without routinely seeking input from other councillors at [...]