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Cambridgeshire Police Propose More TASER Trained Officers

TASER armed officer on duty outside a pasty shop in Padstow, Cornwall. TASER use by Cambridgeshire police is currently restricted to their Tactical Firearms Unit. I support this as I am concerned that having officers routinely armed with TASER will damage the relationship between the police and the public and will lead to an escalation [...]

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel

Cllr Mac McGuire (Conservative) has presented his proposal for the make up of the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel. The make-up of Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Panel was discussed on Wednesday the 14th of December 2011 by both the Cambridge Community Safety Partnership and Cambridgeshire County Council’s Safer and Stronger Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee. [...]

Inconsistency On Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Disposals Policy

The New Cambridgeshire Police Restorative Justice Page I observed the Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday the 13th of December. I used the public speaking slot at the start of the meeting to ask about the force’s restorative justice policies. Following my use of the public speaking slot at the previous scrutiny committee meeting [...]

Cambridgeshire Police Getting Even Worse at Answering Phone

On Tuesday the 13th of December I observed Cambridgeshire Police Authority’s Scrutiny Committee. The committee were told that Cambridgeshire Police are getting even worse at answering their phones. Deputy Chief Constable Feavyour brought Superintendent Fullwood, who is charge of the force control room, to appear before the committee. The committee were told the number of [...]

Police Authority Committee Throw Me Out for Asking for Copy of Papers

This afternoon I was thrown out of the Cambridgeshire Police Authority Scrutiny Committee meeting. During the agenda item on restorative justice disposals Deputy Chief Constable Feavyour drew members’ attention to a document he described as the force’s restorative justice policy which he stated was in the meeting papers. Also members of the authority were referring [...]

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Strategy Group

The inaugural meeting of the “Interim Community Safety Countywide Board” is to be held at Cambridgeshire County Council’s Shire Hall on the 24th of November 2011. This new board is intended to be central to the strategic oversight of policing and crime related matters in the county. Its members are made up of representatives from [...]

Only Human in Cambridgeshire Police Explains Restorative Justice Disposals Policy

Cambridgeshire Police Information on Penalties At just after 17.00 on Thursday the 17th of November 2011 I got a phone call from Inspector Dominic Human of Cambridgeshire Police. Inspector Human is the lead officer for restorative justice in the force, he said he was calling because he understood I had some questions about restorative justice. [...]

Police Authority Questions at Cambridgeshire County Council

On the 18th of October 2011 Cambridgeshire County Councillors had the opportunity to ask questions of Cambridgeshire Police Authority. In the past this opportunity has been wasted by councillors raising local issues which would have been better raised at local priority setting meetings. The chair of the Police Authority, Ruth Rogers, was absent without explanation, [...]

Standards Committee Deems Allowance Rise Process Flawed

Photo from the Standards Committee Meeting. Left: M Sanders Independent member. Middle: Head of Legal Quentin Baker. Right: Chair Mr D Boreham. On the 1st of November 2011 I observed a Cambridgeshire County Council standards committee meeting at which the committee refused to retrospectively approve the appointment of an independent renumeration panel which had been [...]

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Allowances

At their meeting on Tuesday the 18th of October 2011 Cambridgeshire County Council approved the recommendations of a report from an independent panel which proposed an increase in councillors basic allowances from £7,610 to £9,500, as well as increases in the additional allowances for the leader of the council and cabinet members. The leader will [...]