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Cambridge And Higher Education Cuts

At three minutes to midnight on Thursday, Cambridge City Council got round to discussing the impact of proposed cuts to university funding on Cambridge. By the time the item, towards the end of their full council agenda, was reached many Liberal Democrat councillors had gone home and even the mayor, who was chairing the meeting [...]

Richard Taylor – A Vision for Cambridge in 2020

My Vision of Cambridge in 2020 For anyone considering what Cambridge will look like in a decade’s time the city’s fringes, currently designated as development sites, have to be prime consideration. We’ve seen development in the North at Arbury Park building on other sites round the city is getting ever closer; though the fate of [...]

North West Cambridge Development

Plans for a proposed development which will comprise 2500 homes, a similar number of student residences as well as University buildings between Huntington Road, opposite Girton College though to Madingley Road, joining up with the observatory site on Madingley rise took a step forward today. A draft Northwest Cambridge Area Action Plan (AAP) draft, and [...]

Cambridge’s Graduate Union

I was asked by the Student Representative on Cambridge University’s University’s Council and General Board to comment on the status of Cambridge’s Graduate Union. My reply is below: John, Thank you for taking the contents of my previous email into consideration. I’ve given you my thoughts on the points you’ve raised: I have been trying [...]