Asking to Film and Ask Public Questions at Cambridge City Council

Council Summons

I have submitted the following message to the council’s democratic services email address, copying Councillor Tim Bick:

  1. 1. If a suitably less restrictive filming policy is adopted during the Thursday 19th April 2012 full council meeting I would like to film/photograph the council meeting from the point the new policy is adopted. I’d like to film/photograph from next to the press desk, and move at some point(s) to the opposite side of the room. The purpose of moving would be to film/photograph both ruling group and opposition councillors from the front.
  2. 2. I’d like to use the public speaking slot, not in relation to any agenda item.

    I’d like to ask the executive councillor for policing, Cllr Bick, what he’s been up to in that role recently.

    As well as asking the question in general terms, specifically I’m interested in:

    • what the latest position is in relation to the dispersal zones which have been discussed for both the city centre, and the east of Cambridge.
    • if he’s going to have another go at his decision to introduce council run neighbourhood resolution panels in light of the substantive “error” in the policy he approved, (making the panels an option for more serious crimes than officers intended) and in light of the emergence of the facts, not reported to the scrutiny committee, including that magistrates have concerns about the scheme and the police are planning their own similar, but separate panels.*
    • what the current position is in relation to the formation of the [Shadow] Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel, and Cambridge City Council’s representation on it.
    • how the relationship between Supt. Skeels as police commander for Cambridge, and Cllr Bick as the elected police “commissioner” for Cambridge is working on a day to day basis following the re-organisation of Cambridgeshire police, and what role, if any Cllr Bick had in Supt. Skeels’ appointment.

I think it would be useful to get answers, in public, to these questions.

If councillors’ written, or early oral, questions already cover this material then there will be no need for me to ask my question.

Richard Taylor

3 responses to “Asking to Film and Ask Public Questions at Cambridge City Council”

  1. I’ve had a reply:

    Dear Mr Taylor,

    Thank you for your email requesting to film from the conclusion of item 4b.

    The Mayor is aware of your request, and if approved unamended you will be permitted to film from the conclusion of that item. In the event of the recommendation being amended the Mayor will advise accordingly on the arrangements for filming.

    A Committee Manager will discuss with you prior to the meeting the practical arrangements for filming.

    I also acknowledge receipt of the public question notification.



  2. If there’s time I’ll also note Cllr Bick holds the city’s veto on police giving powers to security guards, bouncers and others. A recent FOI request I made revealed the council pushing for police powers for Rangers. I oppose this, and understand it goes against the original libdem vision for the role of rangers. Our rangers are not dressed like police as they are in some places. Public clarity is needed on who has police powers. Reputation of policing shouldn’t be in the hands of rangers, bouncers security guards.

    I’ll also seek to find out if Cllr Bick has been authorising Restorative Justice disposals where the city, the community at large, is the victim. And if he hasn’t been doing this, who has?

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