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Live Streaming of Special Cambridge City Council Full Council on the Local Plan

On the 13th of February 2014 I streamed a meeting of Cambridge City Council’s full council live on YouTube. I believe this is the first time one of Cambridge City Council’s meetings has been “broadcast” live. As well as being available live, the videos are available to watch again: Part One Public questions and petitions: [...]

Cllr Mike Pitt Goes Rogue Restricting Filming at Cambridge North Area Committee

I thought filming at Cambridge City Council meetings, while far from encouraged, had become generally accepted and routine however my attempts to film the North Area Committee on the 3rd of October 2013 resulted in the committee’s chairman Cllr Mike Pitt (Liberal Democrat, West Chesterton) publicly accusing me of “antisocial behaviour” and harassment from his [...]

Student Hustings for Cambridge City Council Candidates

Conservative Candidate Andre Beaumont (Newham) Addresses the Student Hustings On the 30th of April 2012 I observed a hustings run by the Cambridge University Students Union for candidates from the Castle, Market, Newnham and Queen Edith’s wards on Cambridge City Council (wards selected for their large Cambridge University student populations). The event had been advertised [...]

Asking to Film and Ask Public Questions at Cambridge City Council

I have submitted the following message to the council’s democratic services email address, copying Councillor Tim Bick: 1. If a suitably less restrictive filming policy is adopted during the Thursday 19th April 2012 full council meeting I would like to film/photograph the council meeting from the point the new policy is adopted. I’d like to [...]

Cambridge City Council – Oral Questions – October 2011

Cambridge City Council Chamber I observed Cambridge City Council’s full council meeting on Thursday the 20th of October 2011. The following oral questions were answered: Q1 Costs of Police and Crime Commissioner Elections From Leader of the Labour opposition Cllr Herbert to the Leader of the council, Liberal Democrat Cllr Reid : What will the [...]