Urging Greater Cambridge Partnership to Better Consider Safety of Schemes and Take Significant Decisions at Board Meetings

Friday, July 14th, 2017. 2:06pm

I have submitted the following public questions to the 19 July Greater Cambridge Partnership Assembly:

  1. Would the assembly please consider recommending that the safety assessments for transport project designs get regularly published and used to inform the board and assembly’s deliberations?

    I expect if detailed safety assessments of, for example, the Milton Road and the Green End Road proposals had been presented showing the expected impact on injuries and deaths the recommendations could well have been different.

  2. Does the assembly consider the organisation’s governance arrangements enable board members to effectively wield the reins of power in a public and accountable manner?

    I am concerned that significant decisions appear to have been taken within the Greater Cambridge Partnership organisation between cycles of board and assembly meetings. I was surprised the large Cambridge area traffic survey took place without the board and assembly considering the effectiveness of the proposed survey technique and its impact on privacy. The organisation even appears to have been renamed and relaunched between cycles of the formal meetings in public. The Green End Road scheme appears to me to have been changed after the board’s approval of a plan in a manner exceeding the board’s delegation of powers. If major decisions are taken between formal public meetings of the board they should at least be reported to the next board meeting.

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