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Cycling on Hills Road Bridge During the Roadworks

I attended Cambridge City Council’s South Area Committee on the 2nd of April 2009. During the policing agenda item James Woodburn, representing the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, spoke about the situation on Hills Road Bridge. The roadworks on the bridge have resulted in narrow lanes for traffic, it is impossible for cyclists to be overtaken safely [...]

Novel Traffic Control Experiment Proposed at Addenbrookes

Speaking at a public session of the Cambridgeshire Transport Commission on the 26th of March 2009 Roger Cutting, Addenbrookes’ planning and development officer, gave what I believe was the first public description of the scheme currently proposed to prevent the new Addenbrookes’ link road being being used by people wanting to access the south of [...]

Cambridge Congestion Charge – The Business Perspective

On Tuesday the 10th of March 2009 I attended a public evidence gathering session of the Cambridgeshire Transport Commission. The independent commission has been set up by the county council, possibly in an incredibly cynical move to prevent the Conservatives having to defend their support of congestion charging during the forthcoming county council elections in [...]

Response to the Cambridgeshire Transport Commission Consultation.

The Cambridgeshire Transport Commission has been set up by the County Council to look at ways of tackling the transport problems the region experiences now and is expect to face in the future. The commission ran a survey on their website in Spring 2009. My response is reproduced below. There will be further opportunities for [...]

NIAB Site – Between Histon Road and Huntington Road

The NIAB site has outline planning permission for development and will be built on. I believe there is still an opportunity as detailed plans are developed in advance of a full planning application to make sure that what is built is what is needed and that development does not adversely affect existing residents particularly in [...]

Stonehenge Consultation

Would you build a new road through a world heritage site containing one of the UK’s most recognisable assets? Would you build a tunnel within a few hundred meters of Stonehenge? Both of these options are now being considered as part of a road improvement scheme around Stonehenge designed to: Remove roads and traffic from [...]