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36 Barton Road Cambridge

Rejected Proposal For New House at 36 Barton Rd On Thursday the 21st of June 2012 I attended Cambridge’s West/Central area committee, where the first item on the agenda was deciding on a planning application to build a substantial new detached house at 36 Barton Road, on the corner by Barton Close, with access to [...]

Student Hustings for Cambridge City Council Candidates

Conservative Candidate Andre Beaumont (Newham) Addresses the Student Hustings On the 30th of April 2012 I observed a hustings run by the Cambridge University Students Union for candidates from the Castle, Market, Newnham and Queen Edith’s wards on Cambridge City Council (wards selected for their large Cambridge University student populations). The event had been advertised [...]

Mrs Kesler Asks Cambridge City Council For Permission to Prune Her Apple Tree

Owlstone Road, Newnham. Liberal Democrats ruling Cambridge City Council appear hell-bent on making the city an impractical and expensive place to live and do business in. Expanding the areas of the city which are covered by conservation areas is one of the ways in which decisions made by the local council have a damaging effect [...]

Councillors Refuse Permission for More Floodlights at Tennis Club

This evening I watched councillors refuse a planning application from Cambridge Tennis Club on Wilberforce Road. The club had applied for permission to put up floodlights on three currently unlit courts. The Vote Cambridge City Council don’t record which why councillors vote, even on matters of substantial public interest such as this application. I have [...]

Cambridge City Council Plans to Fell Eighteen Trees on Lammas Land

Consultation documents relating to Cambridge City Council’s proposed tree works on Lammas Land reveal the two substantial trees near the junction of Newnham Road and Barton Road may be felled. Cambridge City Council has plans to conduct major tree works on Lammas Land; the area between the City Centre and Newnham bounded by the River [...]