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Tackling Problems Caused by Street Drinkers in East Cambridge

I observed Cambridge’s East Area Committee on Thursday the 2nd of August 2012. One of the key things raised, as usual for East Area Committee meetings, was crime, and other problems related to street drinkers in the area. The committee heard from two members of the public one of whom was Joanna Dean of Norfolk [...]

Planning Application for Sainsbury’s On Mill Road Rejected

The proposed loading bay for Sainsbury’s on Mill Road (Source p40 of the officer report to the meeting) On the evening of the 25th of October 2011 I observed Cambridge City Council’s East Area Committee reject an application for a Sainsbury’s Local supermarket in the pool hall building at 103 Mill Road. Key Points The [...]

Trying to Improve The Cambridge City Council Licensing Policy Consultation

Photo of room prior to Cambridge City Council Licensing Committee meeting. Photography and audio recording is banned during meetings. Cambridge City Council is about to launch a consultation on its licensing policy. The police, licensees, premises supervisors, the Campaign for Real Ale, the general public and others will be asked for their views. This morning [...]

Cambridge Councillors Ask Police to Tackle Speeding

Police Sergeant Mark Kathro conducting speed checks in the East of Cambridge. I have recently observed councillors at Cambridge City Council’s North, West Central and East Area Committees discuss speeding enforcement with the police. In the North councillors have requested data be collected on speeding on Northfields Avenue and Kings Hedges Road, and have asked [...]

No Immediate Enforcement Action to be Taken Against Mill Road Tesco

On the 20th of August 2009 I attended a special Cambridge City Council East Area committee meeting which had been called to decide the council’s response to statements by Tesco indicating their intent to ignore planning conditions relating to their Mill Road store. The conditions state that deliveries of goods have to be made from [...]

Mill Road Tesco – Application for Alcohol Licence Refused

Cambridge City Councillors rejected Tesco’s application to sell alcohol in their new Mill Road store. City Council rules forbid photography at meetings without permission so this photograph was not taken during the meeting. On the the 17th of August 2009 I observed a Cambridge City Council licensing committee comprising Cllr Benstead, Cllr McGovern and Cllr [...]

Dispersal Orders and Ecops Operation in Cambridge

To: Kevin Wilkins (County Councillor and Police Authority member with a specialisation in Cambridge City) and Olive Main, Independent Member of the Police Authority. At the Cambridge City Council’s East Area Committee on the 28th of February Sgt. Cross of the Police reported problems with the operation of dispersal zone which includes Mill Road in [...]