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Cambridgeshire Police Blame Sensationalist Media for Prostitution on Histon Road

Histon Road, Cambridge. On the 22nd of September 2011 Cambridge’s North Area committee discussed prostitution on Histon Road in Cambridge. Sgt. Wragg of Cambridgeshire Police said the problem was small, involving only a handful of girls, but was exaggerated by sensationalist reporting in the local press. He said this reporting was having the effect of [...]

Northstowe – Comments on Outline Planning Application

I made some comments on the Northstowe Outline Planning Application before the 30 March 2008 deadline. On the Transport Assessment: Section 5.6.7 : “Journey times are predicted to be approximately 20 minutes … The proposals include on-street running in Huntingdon and Cambridge with the on street sections having appropriate bus priority measures. ” I am [...]

NIAB Site – Between Histon Road and Huntington Road

The NIAB site has outline planning permission for development and will be built on. I believe there is still an opportunity as detailed plans are developed in advance of a full planning application to make sure that what is built is what is needed and that development does not adversely affect existing residents particularly in [...]