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Conservative County Council Responsible for Snow and Ice Say City Lib Dems

Searle Street is one of many Cambridge streets where both the road and pavements have been coved by a sheet of ice for many weeks this winter.. Last night I attended the North Area Committee where the state of gritting in Cambridge was discussed. Key Points City Council Leader, Liberal Democrat, Ian Nimmo-Smith revealed the [...]

Spotting Waste in the Conservative’s Right to Know Forms

I read through the Conservative’s new Right to Know parliamentary expenses forms last week, and spotted that Tony Baldry, Conservative MP for Banbury, has an entry for: “Website hire” – at £1882.94 for the three months covered by the form so he’s paying £7531.76/year for http://www.tonybaldry.org.uk and he’s only renting it. This makes his website [...]

Conservative Party Patronage

Does Boris Johnston have a subscription to the Private Eye? Perhaps given his connections with the Spectator he might avoid the faux-pas of being seen on the Eye’s subscriber list, but then if he had been reading it he might have avoided the more serious disaster which befell him today when his Deputy Mayor, Ray [...]