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Busway Announcement Made to Press not Councillors

Earlier today Cambridgeshire County Council announced it had reached an out of court settlement with guided busway contractor BAM Nuttall. Leader of the council Cllr Martin Curtis decided to make the announcement in a secret, private, briefing for selected, friendly, invited, members of the press. Writing on his blog Cllr Curtis described his chosen journalists [...]

Bizarre view of Cambridge from UKIP Cllr Gordon Gillick

Councillor Gordon Gillick of the UK Independence Party, representing the ward of Waldersey just South West of Wisbech spoke at a meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council on the 16th of July 2013. Cllr Gillick, who, as councillor, is now one of those responsible for running the county of Cambridgeshire, expressed a rather bizarre view of [...]