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Minister Phil Woolas Fails to Show Up for ID Card Expansion Event in Cambridge

Gathering outside Cambridge’s Post Office where minister Phil Woolas was supposed to launch an expansion of the ID Card and National Identity Register. At 8am this morning I joined about thirty others outside the main post office in Cambridge waiting to greet Labour Minister Phil Woolas who was scheduled to be arriving for an event [...]

Central Database of UK Internet Traffic

According to ex-editor of the Sunday Times, Andrew Neil, the Government occasionally uses the Sunday Papers to test the populace’s reactions to its more outlandish policy ideas. In today’s Sunday Times there is an article entitled: There‚Äôs no hiding place as spy HQ plans to see all. I suspect this is such an article so [...]

DVLA Trial of Smart Card Provisional Driving Licences

A consultation on a DVLA Trial of Smart Card Provisional Driving Licences was run with with a closing date of 11/01/2008. I responded to the consultation, answering all their questions with the below: Question 1: Do you understand and agree with the trial approach? No. ” Drivers will still control access to the data on [...]