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Cambridgeshire County Council – Party Leaders on the Congestion Charge

On the 2nd of June 2009 the Andie Harper show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire interviewed the leaders of the three main parties currently making up Cambridgeshire County Council. I submitted a question, which was put to the councillors: Conservatives in the City of Cambridge are opposed to the Congestion Charge, however Conservatives ruling the County [...]

Police Uniforms

Andy Harper’s morning show on BBC Radio Cambridge was discussing police uniforms this morning, with some listeners getting in touch complaining about scruffy police. I joined in the discussion: “One of our local policemen already gets himself dressed up like robocop with his tac-vest, armor, CS gas, baton, water bottle, three mobiles all flashing away [...]

Government Advertising

Andy Harper, (BBC Radio Cambridge Presenter) On the subject of Advertising one thing that really annoys me is Government adverts nannying us: Don’t smoke, Drink responsibly, Cook sausages properly, Close gates when walking in the countryside Get your tax return in by the deadline Don’t walk under ladders Wear a seatbelt The Government spent £339 [...]