Neighbourhood Policing Radio Adverts

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008. 6:07pm

I have just heard a radio advert on Q103 in Cambridge advertising “Neighbourhood Policing” and directing those wishing to have their say to

On visiting the radio station website I was directed to :

There I found a survey which I felt was asking a highly leading question: “What is your biggest crime related concern?” with the options for response being Anti-social behavior, Street Crime, or Graffiti. The answers are being forced into the currently trendy framework of “Anti-Social Behavior”, whereas the question is much broader. For example I believe, having attended a number of community and council meetings that “burglary” is a major concern yet there is no opportunity to record this.

The Neighbourhood Police Site linked to :

Which links to:

Which links to Cambridgeshire Police’s home page –

When I do find Cambridgeshire police’s web page on my local area ( it completely fails to describe the process by which local police priorities are set in my area. The phrase: “public consultation / panel meeting” is used, there is no mention that the public consultation referred to is one of the City Council’s Area Committee meetings. There is no mention either of many of the other routes which exist within my area to influence local policing.

I felt the whole concept of linking to my local police force home page via three national websites then leaving me to find my local neighbourhood police team page from there was not a very locally focused way of approaching what should be a locally focused exercise – influencing neighbourhood policing, it was not what the radio advert implied I would find.

I would support advertising ways to influence local policing on local radio, I think the current way this is being done is very poor and ineffective, to the point of being counter-productive.

I believe Cambridgeshire Police should advertise, on their website and elsewhere, their routes for local influence over policing priorities (not just in relation to “anti-social behavior” and “neighborhood policing”). Our local radio stations, if they are going to carry Government adverts promoting neighborhood policing should link to that information directly. Why not spend this money on local radio adverts advertising local events and routes for influence directly.

I have submitted these comments via the contact form at the National Policing Improvement Agency website which was one of the hops via which I was directed to my local police force website having responded to the advert on local radio.

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