Labour’s Ed Murphy Wins Police and Crime Commissioner Election in Peterborough

Monday, November 19th, 2012. 12:19am

Conservative Graham Bright was Elected Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner with just 3.96% of the electorate across Cambridgeshire making him their first choice.

Labour’s Ed Murphy however won comfortably in the cities of both Peterborough and Cambridge.

The first preference results for Peterborough were as follows:

Name Party/Independent Votes Percentage
Ed Murphy Labour 5282 23.22%
Graham Bright Conservative 4911 21.59%
Ansar Ali Independent 3759 16.52%
Farooq Mohammed Independent 2896 12.73%
Paul Bullen UKIP 2809 12.35%
Stephen Goldspink English Democrats 2336 10.27%
Rupert Moss-Eccardt Liberal Democrat 755 3.32%
Spoilt Papers 548 2.41%

Full Results


Following the announcement of the final results Ed Murphy gave a speech in which he thanked me (Richard Taylor) and Samantha Appleby of the BBC, for taking an interest in the election and publicising it:

Could I thank the Police Area Returning Officer and his staff and all the men and women in Cambridgeshire who bothered to vote in this election; an experiment by an out of touch government.

What I am proudest of, and what we started with, was a petition we had in June, and people got our agenda.

We were very very scared that Cambridgeshire’s police service is facing privatisation. That police officers are going to be made redundant, that we are going to let them go on the dole rather than to police our streets, and I’m still very concerned about that.

As time has gone on the candidates have indicated they will not privatise our police service. I hope they stick to their words.

This has been a magnificent result in the country for the Labour party; we’ve taken most of these positions of Police and Crime Commissioner.

However, I question whether there is legitimate authority for the post with such a miserable turnout. A miserable result for the government and their coalition partners; the Liberal Democrats and the Tories.

I ask people to watch what happens with our police service; I ask people to question the Home Secretary; I ask people to have empathy with the police officers an civilian staff who face twenty percent cuts.

I would like pay particular thanks to the minority of people in Cambridgeshire who got involved in the election. To Sam Appleby from the BBC, to Richard Taylor and other bloggers, to the mainstream media and the local media and press who tried to ask the pertinent questions. I was very concerned that there were no answers forthcoming.

I do thank you very very much, those people of Cambridgeshire that took the step today and voted Labour. 44% vote for Labour in this election.

Thank you.

(I’m not sure where the “44%” comes from.)

Before the result was announced Ed Murphy told a number of journalists, and me, that if elected he would use his acceptance speech to call on the Home Secretary to abolish the position due to the low turnout which had rendered the election a farce.

Mr Murphy has told me that while he is not Labour’s Police Spokesman for Cambridgeshire (one of their MPs is), he will continue to play a role in scrutinising Graham Bright during his term of office.

Result Announcement

I have been told that some in Peterborough were confused and thought Ed Murphy had won the Cambridgeshire wide election when hearing he had come top in the first round in Peterborough.

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