Cycleway Sign Suggestion

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008. 5:23pm

Clare Rankin, David Bradford,

I am writing to you as you are listed as “Walking and Cycling Development and Promotion Officers” on Cambridge City Council’s Website.

I have noticed that on the Cambridge Cycle Campaign map ( recently sent to most houses in Cambridge it states it is acceptable to cycle through the bollards and across the pavement like area between Fair Street and the East Side of New Square – the road contiguous with Claredon Street.

If this is correct, I would like to suggest that this is signed, perhaps with a cycle way sign on either side of the bollards.

I think that where you can and can’t cycle needs to be obvious when you’re out on the street cycling (rather than with reference to a map), particularly given the heavy handed enforcement of the cycling rules in Cambridge city centre. Before the cycle campaign map I would have assumed that cycling through across this area would have counted as cycling on the pavement and may have, in Cambridge, resulted in a fine.

I have copied a ward councillor who I chose as he is famously a cyclist.

Update – Response from the Councillor:

I agree that this through route could be better signed, probably by
surface markings.

It has to be said that the main body of users, students at Parkside
Community College, don’t seem to have a problem getting through.

Colin Rosenstiel

Update – Response from the Cycling and Walking Officer

Dear Richard,
This section of Fitzroy St is part of the pedestrianised area subject
to the cycle ban between 10-4pm Mon-Sat and the map does show this – the
blue cycle sign showing cycling is permitted relates to the short
section of road closure at the end of New Square. In practice people
cycle across when it is clear and it works fairly well. I suspect that
additional signage would not effect people’s behaviour and would add to
the sign clutter in the area.



Clare Rankin
Cycling and Walking Officer
Cambridge City Council

Update – The Councillor Corrects the Officer who despite being a Cambridge City Cycling officer doesn’t appear to know where the Cycling prohibitions start and stop – what hope is there for the rest of us

“This section of Fitzroy St is part of the pedestrianised area
subject to the cycle ban between 10-4pm Mon-Sat ”

No it isn’t. This is the route between Fair Street and New Square
(leading to Clarendon St). The Fitzroy St ban only applies to the east of
that route.

Colin Rosenstiel

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