Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM 2012

Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM 2012
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On Tuesday the 6th of November 2012 I observed the Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM.

Helmets and High Visibility Clothing

The meeting passed a motion allowing the campaign to reserve the right to decline to promote events where the use of helmets and high visibility clothing is required or implied to be required. The motion was passed by 44 votes to 10 with 6 abstentions

The text of the motion passed is:

“Cambridge Cycling Campaign supports all cyclists as they go about their lawful business on the public road. We note that the law does not require helmets or high visibility clothing. The image of cyclists presented to the public has become so strongly skewed towards riders wearing those items that the legitimacy and status of those who do not wear them is being undermined. In order to help restore the balance the campaign reserves the right to decline to promote events or activities where helmets or high visibility clothing are required or implied.”

The motion was debated, the arguments in favour are those outlined in the motion; arguments made against the motion included:

  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the British Medical Association recommend the use of helmets when cycling, and therefore insurers of events might well do to, and who is the Cambridge Cycling Campaign to seek to suggest to event organisers that they ought ignore the advice of these professionals?
  • Would the Campaign still support the You Can Bike Too project, which [it was said] requires people to wear helmets to cycle around Milton County Park?

There were also questions about the impact if the motion was adopted as policy. The mover of the motion Simon Nuttall said it was about publicity, which the motion had already obtained, and about campaigning. It was noted that even the act of the campaign questioning those involved in cycling activities about the impression they’re giving about cycling requiring helmets and high visibility clothing might help promote change.

Cycling Tsar Cllr Martin Curtis

The County Council’s cycling Tsar, Martin Curtis, was the meeting’s guest speaker.

I tweeted the key elements of the presentation and subsequent Q&A session live:

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9 responses to “Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM 2012”

  1. In which case you misunderstood my question, Richard and I did in fact vote in favour. It was a point of clarification and the motion specifically does allow the Campaign to continue promoting You Can Bike Too _if_ that’s what the committee/members decide to they wish to do. Personally, I would hope we can work with that group to persuade them away from that stance and to one of choice.

  2. “Cllr @CllrMCurtis says he has been trying to get @CambsCC to publish their winter gritting map. Says he has seen it.” and choose “County Gritting Routes” under “Transport and Streets”. As far as I know, these have been on line for years, so maybe the councillor was referring to something else.

    • Each year publication of the gritting map is a controversial matter; often councillors are given draft copies which they are told to treat as confidential. Last year we had County Council Liberal Democrats not sharing the drafts with their City Council colleagues on Area Committees; and area committees in Cambridge denied access to the proposals (draft gritting plans) on which they wanted to comment. I’m not sure if it was the latest draft of the overall plan that was referred to or as Martin suggests the routes for the quad bikes (which were mentioned at the same time).

    • Interesting.

      Stretten Avenue is one of the routes to be covered by the quad bike – I wonder if the bike is capable of doing the whole road there? That’s an odd, isolated, section of route as Searle Street and Carlyle Road are covered.

      The approach to the cycle bridge to Milton is to be treated, but not the bridge itsself or the Milton side?

      It appears Stourbridge Common is to be covered, but not the new white bridge over to Chesterton.

      The guided busway cycle path in the south is on the route; but not the stretches in the north of the city and to Histon.

  3. No I’m not. I’m sure Cllr Manning will be mightily relieved by that! I did ask that second question though.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Yes, someone other than Cllr Manning did ask about the impact on You Can Bike Too; but Cllr Manning cited that potential impact to me as being a reason for his abstention.

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